“…But We’re Not Investigating Too Hard, Know What I Mean? *wink*

Residents in Hovefields Avenue, Hovefields Drive and Honiley Avenue, in Wickford have reported more than 40 lorry movements on Thursday and Friday, each taking hardcore to a piece of land being flattened.

The Echo understands no planning permission has been sought for the work to be carried out.

Wow! Councils are really hot on this stuff! They’d better have a good exc…


It comes just months after a group was set up in a bid to tackle a “difficult past” revolving around disputes about traveller settlements in the Hovefields and Honiley area, just off the A127.

David Walsh, chairman of the group, says he is disappointed that the work has been carried out.

Mr Walsh added that the situation, coupled with a “the lack of response” by Basildon Council, are undermining the aims of the group.

Oh, bless! He thinks the ‘aims of the group’ aren’t to provide a talking shop where the state employees can make soothing noises and shuffle papers to maintain the illusion that something is being done!

How naive…

A Basildon Council spokesman says the authority is aware of the matter.

She said: “The council’s enforcement team have been advised about the possible breach of planning enforcement.

“We are investigating the matter.”

Yeah. Sure you are.

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  1. mona
    September 23, 2016 at 9:51 am

    Mr Walsh and his Group don’t get it, its called social engineering, Basildon Council is a Common Purpose Council. they are just grains of sand to be walked on in the NWO scheme of things.

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