How to run a business … not

Some days ago, we looked at how Uber went about it. Gazing more widely now:

The ‘biggest hotel company in the world’ is clearly not very good at marketing –

A few weeks ago, it became apparent that AirBnB was fully SJW-converged, as they announced plans to try to keep homeowners from being able to discriminate with regards to who was permitted to stay in their homes. But they’re even worse than one might imagine:

Lidl does it better:

“The biggest reason for Lidl’s success is its cheap prices.”

NO. The biggest reason for Lidl’s success is the quality you get for the cheap price. Value for money.

Agree with Chuckles here and will be going there Sunday.

# As for the government’s approach to business:

Hodge presided over the House of Commons’ Public Accounts Committee between 2010-2015, during the coalition government’s austerity programme. From that bird’s eye perspective, she witnessed “mind-boggling waste of taxpayers’ money right across government,” which she documents in her new book Called to Account: How Corporate Bad Behaviour and Government Waste Combine to Cost us Millions.

Sadly for those who triumph hope over experience, there is little to suggest the situation has materially improved.

“We identified an alarming and deep-rooted culture where all too often the responsible officials displayed a nonchalant attitude to spending the hard-earned money we entrust them when we pay our taxes,” she writes.

“They felt no sense of personal responsibility because it was not their own money.”