The dismaying silence over constant low level crime

There’s the high level corruption and rank dishonesty, e.g. Clinton and all her works, the risible Ukrainian MH17 report, and the captured media who take the global line – that’s a constant these days.

But there is also this low level crime the whole time as well, further down in the community. Two examples are Allardyce on the take and then this parish councillor:

The thing which stuns me each and every time is how it always comes to nothing, it just fizzles out and everything is meant to be OK, the newspaper’s happy …

And that’s that.

We’re meant to just click onto the next one …

No, no, no! We’re talking crime here. This woman councillor at the end of the link – she was ‘asked’ about it and said she wanted to write a sorry letter, police then dropped it.

Fellow councillor said it was no big deal and she’d done such grand work on the council.

No, no, no, no, a thousand times no! The bloody woman committed a crime, a crime. She stole royal mail. That’s on the statutes. What the hell are police doing if they don’t arrest someone caught redhanded?

What this and Allardyce’s actions come to is lawlessness and it seems the common purpose today to target wrongly for political reasons and let off actual criminals. That does seem the policy, with police instructed to follow this.

And he tried to blame ‘entrapment’. No mate, you were caught redhanded in greed, that was all.

This sort of crime is far more insidious because it’s so low level, so boring, so corrosive to the spirit and ultimately to community cohesion, it’s salami tactics lawlessness.

The obvious first question is how to remove this rottenness from high up in councils, in order to get some ethics back.

We await something to be done, it’s not done.

We wait.

Nothing happens, the law just looks on.

That’s it.

No outcry from us en masse.


2 comments for “The dismaying silence over constant low level crime

  1. Judd
    September 29, 2016 at 9:08 am

    Monkey see monkey do.

    Our leaders and betters have been fiddling the system for years, they mostly got away with all their expense fiddles (they got away with the mass killings of at best unnecessary wars for Christs sake), we expect them to be lying and if a morsel of truth escapes their lips well thats just bloody marvellous, all up each others arses metaphorically, you scratch my itch and i’ll scratch yours.

    If a politician or member of the elite told you it was sunny outside you’d have to nip out and have a look for yourself.

    Whats missing in this country is honour, they have no concept of the word, that fine term, a word to live your life by, has been bastardised by a certain cult.

    No honour, no morals, no pride in doing the right thing for the right reason, money/status and power is all that matters, those further down the trough are just copying what those creaming off the top are doing.

    What galls the most is that so many of our brainwashed population still celebrate and almost worship these people whilst others seek to ape the vacuous celebrity versions.

    The only silver lining is the 17 million Brexiteers, many millions of whom must have woken from long long years of believing this scum, a scum aided and abetted by their bought and paid for media chums, and they must be feeling angry deep down, that anger needs pointing where it belongs.

    • September 29, 2016 at 9:25 am

      Yes, contrast that with the Corbynisti. What characterizes their whole political mindset is State provides, State is munificent. Citizen wage, all provided.

      The thinking sees as far as the wonderful, accrued benefits, never how that’s to be achieved without any income generation through business and jobs. And personal responsibility and to one another dies – there is State, then there is the individual, no one else.

      And the 48% are either ignorant or else they know full well and hope to gain through it.

      Update: just went over to the Spectator and the lead story is about the EU ripping out the social fabric of Europe. Yes.

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