The world leadership’s ‘political reality show’


US holds world hostage to political ‘reality show’ – Zakharova

Washington’s foreign policy is driven by hysteria and resembles a “reality show” in which nobody cares about facts and resorts to old cliches and attacks on Russia to gain international and domestic political capital, said Russia’s foreign ministry spokeswoman.

Let’s please get a couple of things clear. As a pundit, I’m centre-right, with a strong emphasis on ‘centre’, which means maybe 5% in support of our leadership but 90% in support of our country, the other 10% castigating 48% of our people for their stupidity.

In other words, like many of you.

Gung ho sabre rattling is neither my nor your thing and sometimes we need to get over to a place like Russia and see how it looks from that side for a short while.

Admitting a Russian bias in this – it’s their foreign ministry, for goodness sake [? :)] – does not mean one endorses Putin and Co. But that doesn’t stop them making sense when they observe our so-called leaders from over there.

Russians in general are convinced that western so-called leaders are bloodthirsty, arrogant nincompoops who want nothing more than to overrun Russia. Not the western people, mind – just the western leadership.

Where they do not finesse is in who this leadership actually is and this blogger has been on for ten years about the globalist Them behind the visible leaders, oft quoting Woodrow Wilson, himself in thrall to Colonel House and therefore Them.

And world events were shaped as a result. Versailles was directly due to that in its faux, gung ho overreaction, sowing the seeds of WWII.

Being centrist of course means there are equally elements of the blunt in our world view, as in deporting the jihadis now, charging Corbyn with treason, listening to nothing the SJWs say … and so on.

The thing about that Russian spokeswoman is that she’s quite right about our insane leaders’ foreign policy. It’s one thing being unhappy with the Muslim hordes here but the leadership has to deal with them before they go holocausting in the middle-east, murdering at random.

Ah but that’s the whole game plan, is it not – stir up death rage among the Muslim maniacs then usher them in here, via Corbyn, Cameron etc., to kill us and rape our women.

‘Insanity’ is the only word for this calculating criminal madness.

To suggest Putin is as pure as the driven snow is also totally wrong – he’s not, he has much to answer for over there. My Russian friends would be nonplussed at my quoting the State channel, RT.

But in Putin’s, therefore Zacharova’s summation of our so-called leadership, he’s spot on.

And the notion of the political reality show is so close to the mark. This was seen, quite visibly, in the Nixon era Watergate maniac G Gordon Liddy, who was so gung-ho Uncle Sam that he made the NRA seem like a Sunday school picnic.

Russians have them too – dreaming of Spetznaz, as our gung-ho here dream of the SAS, and I’m one of them to a point. Only to a point though.

And though I’m vastly closer to the patrioti than to the treasonous Corbynisti, the ultra-gung-ho are just the other side of madness itself.

My solution is anything but peaceful but at least it thinks it through. You do not, BEFORE you cut off their access to us, go over there, bomb and commit atrocities. That’s sheer military imbecility.

Or rather attempted genocide of one’s own people by the globalist, common purpose criminals.


3 comments for “The world leadership’s ‘political reality show’

  1. Henry Kaye
    September 29, 2016 at 11:03 am

    Spot on once again James! The world has many problems and they are made far, far worse by a collection of almost insane political leaders. If we only knew what goes on behind the scenes, if we only had a media that wasn’t so blindly supportive of those leaders. Almost every event is reported in the context of national interest, whilst those same events are reported in a very different fashion by those with a different interest. We are misled and deceived at every bend in the road as the achievement of power corrupts minds.

  2. Errol
    September 29, 2016 at 5:56 pm

    What I honestly don’t understand is that history teaches us that big state, high tax spend and waste policies do not work. Not only not working, but they create poverty and unemployment yet this is all the Left and the state pursues.

    The idea of personal responsiblity has been eroded and economic and social failure rewarded. Arrogance is cherished, ignorance praised. Always we are told the state is better than we are and that to be ‘fair’ we must steal form one to fuel another.

    It just doens’t make sense. Over and over and over and flippin’ over again history proves their attitude wrong, yet it is all they do. Why?

    • Mudplugger
      September 29, 2016 at 8:48 pm

      What you miss is that, like the Catholic Church needs many millions of desperately poor folk to believe its fairy tales of a better life in heaven, but only providing they follow all its rules in life, so the political Left needs to keep vast numbers of poor folk, to whom it can make promises that it never intends to fulfil.
      These poor folk also get to vote so, as long as they keep swallowing the myths, they’ll keep on voting for the nebulous ‘hope’ sold to them by the Left.

      Consider America – the Democrats need the huge volumes of poor black voters to keep on voting for their brand of ‘hope’ – the Democrats have no intention of ever making the poor black folk rich, because then they’d stop voting Democrat and the Democrats could never win again.
      Same is true in Britain – Corbyn & Co may appear to offer the answer to all their prayers, but he knows that delivering it would be fatal to the future electoral chances of the Left, so he/they have no intention of delivering, just forever promising.
      Turkeys don’t usually campaign an early Christmas.

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