BBC barely mentions Hungary

This screenshot was taken and scheduled last evening but the post is now. Don’t know how far the situation is different to the exit polls but here goes:


All right, post-vote, a vital vote in a European context, a Europe of which we’re supposedly a part, making this ‘local’ news, home news, what does Beeb Online choose as its headline?

Colombian voters reject Farc peace deal


We know this is wrong, we’re paying for this BBC – well, you are anyway – and they refuse to report on things in proportion to what is happening, weighting it appropriately.

Oh yes, further down, a minor heading buried among all the others:

Hungary PM claims electoral victory

Not ‘has an election victory’. He just claims it. Is it just me or does the Beeb have the teensiest, weensiest bias here?

Therefore, we must go elsewhere to find the news:

Hungarian Prime minister Viktor Orban has delivered a huge blow to the European Union after 95 per cent of the Hungarian public soundly rejected EU migrant redistribution plans.

The Hungarian referendum on the redistribution of migrants and asylum seekers by the European Union has faced an almost unanimous result among Hungarian voters. An overwhelming majority of those who cast their ballot agree with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban that Hungary should not be forced by the European Union to accept migrants via redistribution.

What, therefore, are we to do about this BBC? Because it is far from fit for purpose. To reiterate – we all know all this about its bias, question is – what are we, collectively, going to to do to deal with this BBC?