Council of Europe and EU are virtually one and the same

One of the annoying things with Remainers is that they come out with this rubbish that the global project [European Division] can be differentiated and demarcated.

When I say they’re cut from the same cloth, apoplexy follows on their part – oh no, two different bodies, different histories.

Bollox – one was the forerunner of the other, though the fields of emphasis differ. There are posts somewhere on it but they’d take some finding.

Which is why it’s nice to have it dropped in one’s lap, so to speak. This from Ken Craggs:

In the words of Jean Claude Juncker, “The Council of Europe and the European Union were products of the same idea, the same spirit and the same ambition. They mobilised the energy and commitment of the same founding fathers of Europe.”

All member states of the European Union firstly became members of the Council of Europe. The former is an experiment conducted by the latter to identify the pro’s and con’s of establishing a Superstate.

After Brexit, the UK will still be a member of the Council of Europe, and due to the closer and closer integration between the EU and CoE, it looks like Brexit is just a charade. See: A sole ambition for the European Continent. “Towards a pan-European legal and judicial area” (pp 13-17).

Here is a list of Joint Programmes between the Council of Europe and the European Union.

Cheers, Ken.