The shape of things to come

October 7, 2016

As long as UKIP had the single, over-riding ‘mission’ of achieving exit from the EU by whatever means, then any amount of internal dissent, indiscipline and downright chaos was unimportant because the hymn-sheet had only one verse and they were all singing that same key verse loud and clear.

Now that EU Exit has been all but achieved, that’s when UKIP’s problems start – people start noticing the stuff behind the ‘mission’ (with a helpful media to highlight it) and, if they’re intent of becoming a serious long-term player, that’s not good PR, in fact it’s fatal. Voters conclude that, if they can’t even run their own party, how can they run a council or a government ?

Voters are certainly thinking the same about Corbyn’s Labour Party, it’s dysfunctional and incapable of delivering on any level, so they’ll vote elsewhere.

The Tories never have this problem because they only have one ‘mission’ and that is to govern – any trivial principles they have left can be instantly sacrificed on the altar of electability. Hence Mrs May’s territory-grab from the two parties whose internal behaviour has now offered up all those votes for the taking – the Tories will compromise whatever is necessary to grasp that opportunity and, with it, the next 15 years in government – mission accomplished.

Hereward Unbowed.
October 7, 2016

The Tories are only just about to implode, to fall out and that will be big time.

The EU will be the Tory schism and the Tory boys undoing – just wait, it might be that for show, they’re all fawning at May’s feet now but their Parliamentary majority is wafer thin to non existent slim and by no means are they united about “leaving the EU” – continued Brussels Empire membership is the Tory default position, real Brexit – they don’t want it.

Thus for the Red Tory “party”, the revels are only about to begin.

October 7, 2016

That’s not impossible, but out of character for pragmatists.

But there is a ghostly presence in the background who is currently ‘on manoeuvres’ – one Tony Blair, who has suddenly closed down all his highly-lucrative companies in preparation for ‘something’.

Maybe that ‘something’ involves a new grouping, nominally headed perhaps by David Miliband, which could then position itself to incorporate all the anti-Corbyn Labour majority, along with the Europhile Tories and some Lib-Dems, into a new centre-ground party. Blair could do all the glad-handing in the background, organising the funding from his vast international contacts, some not criminal, to build the new party’s apparatus, while Miliband performed in the limelight, building the brand.

What’s in it for Blair ? He doesn’t need money, but he still yearns for power and that may be his channel for it. With Miliband’s pay-back recommendation, should we be surprised if Blair became, for example, the next Sec Gen of the United Nations, now that they have just accepted a former prime minister into the post ?

Or even a second crack at the EU presidency, by which time they would be ever-so-grateful for him bringing the UK’s cash back into the EU kitty.

When Blair’s plotting, anything is possible. Until the stake is finally driven through his heart (if you can find it), don’t write him off.

October 7, 2016

UKIP had better bloody quick sort their crap out. Labour now fast approaching similar irrelevance to the Liberals, UKIP in chaos, and May being hailed as the new messiah.

If May calls a surprise quick order general election I reckon the Tories could sweep the board, too soon for the general public to know for sure if any of her rhetoric is solid, and gives them another 5 years to fudge it.

Added input from other sources

1. Ancient scriptures/portents

This is wheat and chaff and deciding which is which is a near impossibility for both believers in them and rationalist non-believers alike – both are hamstrung by a priori assumptions and indeed, by detesting and dismissing something, you miss a whole load of key points contained therein.

To requote J Kenneth Galbraith:

The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.

So what do other portents claim?


Obvious first up is Ephesians 6:12:

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Cobbling together Isaiah, Daniel and Revelation is an exercise which, IMHO, can only confirm once something happens, rather than portend actual events. We do know there was talk by JofN Himself about the ‘falling away’, child against parent, brother against brother, with Sodom and Gomorrah type things going on.

This ‘falling away’ has always been about, from the time of Moses on at least – goes up on a mountain, comes back down and they’re worshipping Baal/Moloch whoever. You can call it symbolic of real events or call it real history, doesn’t much matter – the idea we’ve seen reprised many times over.

Added to that is that one strange book of Revelation, elevated to its current place, in which it speaks of a vast army from the east, crossing the Tigris and Euphrates [though not naming them], past Babel and I’ve done posts before on the new Silk Road, the Karakoram Highway, which ends up, in one branch, at the Mediterranean near Haifa, Mt Carmel, Jezreel Valley, Har Megiddon.

In other words, there is a conduit now from China to Israel and the Med. We’ll come back to China and Russia.



There is talk of ten northern nations, of a champion of Israel who goes into the newly built temple and defiles it in this ‘abomination of desolation’. There is the 3 and a half year period either side of that which is the Tribulation, where Jews in particular will be persecuted but that will include Christians.

Who would do such persecution? Answer is anyone or any power working for the other side, as in the PTB today – the global elite, the Illumined, the lot of them.

I can get to this point by non-religious routes as well. This whole chapter in this post could have been dropped and still we get to a global elite who are bent on the destruction of Man. But it’s interesting all the same to come at it via ancient portents.

And it really does offer a good explanation why the High Masons through to the Illumined through to the Alinskys et al are so hellbent on destruction. This is the key question so many of us have found difficult to answer – why would they do such a thing?

One answer is that they see a Nirvana of some kind if they do, with destruction the precursor.

2. World movements

Communism is the most recent but there’s always been something.

The theory is that in order to achieve enlightenment or this nirvana they speak of, one must first destroy the old – the most ancient confidence trick in the world. Never ‘tweak’ or ‘build on’ but tear down, in order to rebuild.

That is the Great Lie, as something better is never built.

In communist mythology, in order to achieve the workers’ paradise, there must first be the penultimate destructive phase, where non-believers are murdered, slaughtered.

It is prevalent in Illumined mythology, e.g. 33rd degree Masonry through to the Templars, Shriners, then through to Islam, it’s in the cult of the Assassins, in Jim Jones, in Manson, in all of them. In order to achieve the utopia, one must first slaughter, rape, pillage.

It was used to justify Christian slaughter, as in the Crusades. Anyone who knows the fine detail of that knows that the army which came into Byzantium was not the original pious Crusaders, it was a nasty bunch to the side, emanating from Merovingian France and pursuing an altogether different god, but with red crosses on white tunics.

The Lie is, of course, that the utopia never eventuates, can never when based on acts such as these, which debase the human spirit, not elevate it.

The type of person doing them becomes a monster, not an ever upward illumined being. The net result is always devastation, Alinsky type nastiness, cruelty and dishonesty of spirit, never anything higher, never anything creative.

Never leaving people alone to get on with their own lives, always trying to re-engineer, rearrange, ‘progress’ [he sounds a hollow laugh].

You can point to any literary work on it – Lord of the Rings for example, Mordor, Sharkey, destruction of the Shire and the enslavement of residents, the tearing down of anything of beauty.

The Lie is that in order to achieve a better world, one must first destroy.

And this also comes into tearing down the monetary system today, on the basis that it is Capitalist, therefore evil, destroying once and for all the system of free enterprise with it, creating state dependence and therefore control of the population.

The Lie here is that the actions of the multinational globalists, the banksters, must mean that when it’s torn down, to 48% acclaim, free enterprise needs also go with it. Which was the whole plan in the first place.

You can see the monster in the PCists who are taken in by all the ‘fairness’, ‘tolerance’, ‘diversity’ talk and yet they become violent beings inside their own souls, demi-monsters themselves. Look at how Bob Geldof has descended to what he is from the lofty ideals of the first concerts.

They never see their own becoming monsters – it’s the boiling frog principle. We see it though and blog on it but they’re not listening. So they go to a Trump rally and are violent, somehow justifying this to themselves for the nirvana – the putting into power of the lying Clinton.

But they are the violent, the brownshirts themselves. Look at the carefully covered up monster Clinton and people using words of love and tolerance to justify her principles and actions.

Unfortunately, 48% [let’s use that number for now] follow people like Clinton, or the EU, or all the other monstrous ideologies. They’re not so much brainwashed as they are offered this vision of utopia, minus the realities and they emotionally grab at that utopia.

The agents of wrong need only keep up the pretence and this 48% will ever act to stymie the agents of freedom – us, the rag tag, the hoi polloi. ‘Positive’ discrimination falls under that heading – what a joke – to discriminate and call that good whilst supposedly pursuing ‘fairness’.

People lose their reasoning powers, do they not?

3. China and Russia

They have national agendas, rather than ideological. China and Russia are both preparing for war. There were the recent drills in Russia in case of nuclear attack. There is China’s ongoing flexing of muscles, their buying up of as much of the debased world stocks as possible. China has a route into Russia and a route to Israel.

4. The flash crash and the monetary system

There is an almighty battle to control the issuance of credit in the world.

Currently, the real power is in the City, though nominally the BIS. The City is the Crown [posts passim on sovereignty]. This is the centre of banksterism, with New York coming in next. This post is already too long to go back over all of that.

The aim is to produce a cashless society worldwide, controlled by a politburo, tied in with the illumined, royalty, the Black Nobility – in other words, the crooks in suits. On our side it’s called crony capitalism, on the left it’s called Capitalism. Doesn’t matter what you call it, it involves an elite of crooks and then the plebs below, with no middle class of any substance. You’re part of one or your part of the other.

Owning gold or other commodities will be Roosevelted, possession of arms will be outlawed, the scene is set for new Robin Hoods. Brown gave it away by mooting such in parliament at PMQs. SDRs are an interim mechanism, following on from OCDs.

You can say I show minimal understanding of finance, lumping those in together. I say they’re symptomatic of the overall plan.

5. Svali

One single source, no one knows where from, never been seriously challenged online by the elite, never seriously challenged by the conspiracy buffs. The strangest source in a long while, from the year 2000. Some excerpts:

# [They] believe in controlling an area through its:

1. Banks and financial institutions (guess how many sit on banking boards? You’d be surprised)
2. Local government: guess how many get elected to local city councils?
3. Law: children are encouraged to go to law school and medical school.
4. Media: others are encouraged to go to journalism school, and members help fund local papers.

In Britain, some seven years further on, it’s called Common Purpose – in every fissure of government, local or national.


# These are NOT nice people and they use and manipulate others viciously. They cut their eye teeth on status, power, and money.

# ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’. Just think, in the early 1800s, our forefathers already were looking forward to when the new order would be ushered in. Have I mentioned that this is a patient, forward looking group of intellectuals? That Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, FDR, and others were leaders? Our country may have been founded on freedom from taxation, but it was also founded on the New World Order just as surely.

# I was taught that the[y] had their roots in the ancient practices that reach into the beginning of recorded time; that the Babylonians on the plains created ziggurats to their deities, whom the[y] worship. They were proud of the fact that it was supposedly an unbroken occult line from then until now. The names changed, the basic group was the same.

For readers of this post – it’s irrelevant whether you buy religion or whether you don’t.

Point is that these people do. And these people are the movers and shakers above, accessing vast finance.

Bush Snr spoke of the 1000 points of light, a direct reference, he had issued certificates to troops speaking of the NWO – now that was them saying those things, not the soldiers, not us.

The climate principles were based on green ideology, culminating in Kyoto and other agreements. The Valdez principles were the core of this Gorean movement. And the two authors were Gordon Davidson and Corrine McLaughlin, who set up the WSI in Washington, D.C. in 1995.

Their beliefs, as stated by them:

The Shamballa force is in reality Life itself; and Life is a loving synthesis in action. We also used the Six Laws and Principles of the New Age to lead us towards creating a vision of how these principles might create patterns for the New Civilization humanity will be constructing over the next 2500 years.

Coupled with that was one Maurice Strong [deceased], a main player behind the eco movement. Strong was also involved with the World Service Initiative and photographed in a World Service Initiative trip to Findhorn, the New Age Vatican.

Their principles:

The purpose of the World Service Intergroup is to generate a focused, conscious and deliberate intergroup effort to specifically assist the Externalization of the Hierarchy and the Reappearance of the Christ.

You cannot get away from all this, much as you would like. The green religion is indeed a ‘religion’ or part of one. Everyone knows of Gaia, peace and love, tree hugging. The reality is far nastier, hidden from most people, certainly the 48%.

What handicaps most rational readers is that yes, this gobbledegook is coming from me the author of this post now, no other blogger in this corner of the net goes on like this.

Therefore, a ‘transference of guilt’ process occurs in a reader’s mind – it becomes me who is supposedly right ‘into’ all this guff, when in fact the exact opposite is true – I’m not ‘into’ it at all, I’m exposing it.

And you cannot adequately deal with the wheelers and dealers unless you can see into their minds, which they are quite happy to have people know. But we never see the lunacy in their brains, we see only the greed and corruption. Greed and corruption any reader can face and deal with – it’s almost respectable to rail against it.

But this other stuff – ah, most readers do not wish to go down that path, they don’t wish to know. It’s highly uncomfortable.

And yet, to come to grips with the maniacs in control of our destiny, we must come to grips with how they operate and what drives them, just how different it is to the way day to day people think and operate.

More from Svali:

# My mother was friends with Sid Gottlieb, who was part of the CIA. The farm I grew up on was only about a half hour away from his home in Culpeper, Va. She also knew the Dulles family. A lot of the researchers in the CIA were part of it, and I visited Langley, Va. at intervals growing up. MK-Ultra was funded in part with [their] money. These people use the most sophisticated mind control techniques on their members, believe me.

Hillary Clinton, currently being propped up by minders? Classic case. Body doubles? Churchill had some. Again, we have to come to terms with these things in order to understand what the hell actually goes on … or at least to get some sort of inkling. There is no fantasy here.

# Russia was never really a threat to us. Marxism was funded by [them], and espoused as a counterbalance to capitalism. The[y] believe strongly in balancing opposing forces, in the pull between opposites. They see history as a complex chess game, and they will fund one side, then another, while ultimately out of the chaos and division, they are laughing because they are ultimately beyond political parties. A top western financier would secretly meet with an Eastern or Russian “adversary” during those years, and have a good laugh at how the “sheep” were being deluded.

Further on:

# The Oriental Mafia groups are very much linked to [their] activity. The random factor in all of this is how the average citizen reacts. It can’t be predicted, although [the] leadership will often invent different scenarios, and try to decide how they will act if the ordinary citizens react in an unexpected manner.

FEMA? And:

# I was told that around 2020, the … agenda would be revealed openly. I don’t know if this is accurate, or just propaganda that I was taught, or if they have changed this date since I was [there].


# I never thought of which country/line held the most power, since I was just a peon busily doing my job. But my understanding was: The Hanoverian / Hapsburg descendants rule in Germany over the Bruderheist. They are considered one of the strongest lines. The British line is just under them, with the royal family … The U.S. is considered lower, and younger, than the European branches.

Germany, France, and the UK form a triumvirate that rules in the European cult. The USSR is considered important, and has the strongest military groups … a lot of the current U.S. leadership will be in Europe when the change occurs, and many have homes there. They will be “changing nationalities” overnight, as it were.

Moving on:

# The UN was created early in this century in order to help overcome one of the biggest barriers to a one world government necessary, if there is to be a military rule and dictatorship … That barrier is the one of nationalism, or pride in one’s country. FDR was their man in America who helped the American public accept it. Both he and Eleanor were staunch [supporters] … In fact, most of our presidents since the beginning of the past century have been either [part of it], or agreed by oath to support the goals, in return for campaign funds and support.

Dates for all this?

# I was told that by the year 2020, that the New Order would be openly revealed, BUT that may have been cult propaganda, and they are always changing dates.

Speaking of dates, just reminding readers who have got this far that this was from a radio interview in Canada in 2000. I’ve had the transcript on file since 2003.

One relevant to right now:

# One of the olive branches offered by the UN when it takes over is that they will prevent war in the middle east, and this will be greeted with joy by many. At the same time, [they] covertly supply guns and funds to BOTH sides to keep the conflict fueled. They are very duplicitous people.

They used to funnel guns through the USSR to Palestine, for example, in the name of promoting “friendliness” between the USSR and this state and other Arab nations. Then, the US branch would help funnel guns to Israel, for the same reason. These people love the game of chess, and see warfare between nations as creating order out of chaos.

Also relevant – remember, spoken in 2000:

# There will be continued conflict in the Middle East, with a severe threat of nuclear war being the culmination of these hostilities. An economic collapse that will devastate the economy of the US and Europe, much like the great depression.

One reason that our economy continues limping along is the artificial support that the Federal Reserve had given it, manipulating interest rates, etc. But one day, this won’t work (or this leverage will be withdrawn on purpose) and the next great depression will hit. The government will call in its bonds and loans, and credit card debts will be called in.

There will be massive bankruptcies nationwide.

Flash crash, allowed by Carney, a Canadian?

# Europe will stabilize first and then Germany, France and England will have the strongest economies, and will institute, through the UN, an international currency. Japan will also pull out, although their economy will be weakened.

Peacekeeping forces will be sent out by the UN and local bases to prevent riots. The leaders will reveal themselves, and people will be asked to make a pledge of loyalty during a time of chaos and financial devastation.

Doesn’t sound pleasant, does it?

I’m not presenting all this as a prediction – as she said, the dates change and so do the scenarios. Yet those scenarios, this kiteflying, goes on the whole time and this is the way they think. This is the Great Work of Ages, this is the onwards and upwards ‘progressive’ ideology, blindly and blithely subscribed to by the 48%.

It never ends, they are forever coming up with new aspects to it, night and day, 24/7, 7/52.

We ourselves are weary, divided, in tough times – austerity is a key aspect of the plan – we fall out with each other. Conservatives fall out with UKIP, we’ve seen Labour. LibDems are dead. Then look at America just now – the funded rise of BLM, the Soros factor. Why has no one bumped him off yet?

Which country does he come from? Who else is making waves in that country right now?

There is always a manufactured crisis to keep it bubbling along.


As I say, I put forward none of the above as predictions, as some sort of soothsayer, for one reason. In Christianity, there is an exhortation which goes roughly along the lines of – you know neither the time nor the place, it will come as the thief in the night. Don’t worry your heads about it as it’s in hand.

However, if you do not believe in that, then you DO worry your heads, very much so, and thus play into the hands of the very people expecting us to be defenceless and unable to combine.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss: