Race? it comes down to numbers …

In a nutshell, we are being forced in the west to confront our own notions on race and we’re being forced by muvvers like Soros, those at Davos, those behind Merkel etc.

What they know full well is that no one will own himself a racist – no one middle class or in any sort of aspirational class. And so they’ve supplied their henchmen and henchwomen with a whole raft of labels to fling at us if even the slightest objection is made to unfettered mass African and middle-eastern migration. The press and government are poised to swoop on anyone.

So, Nigel insisting on the nicety that it’s not the individual person at issue but the system, though true, is jumped on, even by Carswell and mates as ‘proving’ Nigel’s innate racism.

We can easily back the idea in the case of Muslims as their system is so rotten in itself and everyone in the world can see what it does to people under its yoke. The killings, choppings and rapings make it dead easy to say no Muslims … and it’s not in the least racist.

Where the problem comes in is explaining why we don’t want a Zimbabwean or South African black in our country. In fact, the TV station could put you onto a stage, sitting in a chair and opposite you is a Zimbabwean, educated, erudite and he looks at you and asks why you don’t want him in your country.

There are answers to that but on that stage, they might not spring to mind and so you’re cast as racist. Your only objection is racism according to every left liberal present.

Let’s go to the article:

I just returned from a trip to East Africa where I was involved in discussions with several government leaders regarding the refugee crisis, among other issues. The continued flow of immigrants across national borders seeking to reach Europe is declining as colder weather arrives but not as much as in previous years and the migration is expected to surge again in the Spring of 2017, a seemingly never-ending stream of migrants that reflects the economic problems that prevail in much of the continent. Libya continues to be the favored destination as a launching point for Italy.

The officials note that most of those on the move are not legitimate refugees fleeing conflict zones. They are mostly economic immigrants who create problems all along their routes to the north as they are transiting relatively poor countries with little in the way of resources.

The East African governments largely blame the surge taking place over the past two years on European Union policies, which have morphed into a blanket even if reluctant acceptance of what is being described as “humanitarian” assistance even though the migrants are overwhelmingly young males seeking work who regularly cite the belief that if they reach Italy or Greece they will eventually be able to stay in Europe.

I don’t accept that they’re even looking for work, especially in the case of the Muslims. It’s definitely EU but peering further behind the veil reveals the Soroses and the Bruderheist behind Merkel for example. These are the muvvers who are challenging anyone western to put up a non-racist case why these hordes should not descend.

And their reason, the PTB, Them, the Bruderheist, the Black Nobility, is that they detest humans who enjoy any sort of comfortable living. The whole debt economy, which can be explained in economic terms, can also be explained in religious terms – these PTB are working for a familiar master and the push has always been, since the dawn of history, to keep the plebs unhappy, overworked and underpaid, subject to the whim of anyone offering them some succour. Whether it is a payday loan or being allowed to till your own land, protected by the lord of the manor – principle is the same.

And in the west, the natives have been uppity for some centuries now, especially in America. Quality of life is for all, according to the blurb but the PTB do not see it that way. They see getting these plebs into impossible hock as the only purpose of quality of life – to sell more products on the never-never, boost their own coffers and keep the sub-primes in penury.

And to the PTB who have this attitude, it hardly matters whether the plebs, the slave class, are white caucasian or blacks. But it matters a hell of a lot to someone in Islington with her bourgeois lifestyle, while playing at being socialist.

On our side of politics, we simply do not wish to be overrun. It comes down to simple numbers. If a trickle was coming in each year, say 8000, then there’d be no issue. But the PTB and their leftist lackeys have MADE it an issue, they wish to force us, on our side of politics, to confront why we’re saying no to the hordes.

And again, we say it comes down to sheer numbers. I was somewhat feted in the Russian town where I lived because I was a rarity from a land that most Russians respect. However, were less educated, more chavish hordes of people from these isles to try to move in and take jobs [no benefits over there], very soon the reaction to us would be the same as our reaction to the hordes. And the more our lot came in, the lower the standards of behaviour by statistical demographic distribution.

If you want to see a land where the blacks have become the vast majority, look no further than South Africa and Zuma, Winnie ‘Necklace’ Mandela and all that lot. It effectively means the end of whatever heritage there had been, replaced by global socialist handout thinking as the core culture.

This post has been longish but we’re now at the final question. Do you have any objection to hordes of people who will supplant our culture? Well, yes, yes I do. Going back to that TV station stage and that educated Zimbabwean, no, of course I’ve no objection to him and why not? Because he has assimilated, because he does things the way we do them, give or take a bit of local colour, e.g. Brummies v Scousers.

The tipping point is when the ones coming in do so out of respect for our land and a desire to become one of us, to adopt our ways … or whether it is for other reasons. And given sufficient numbers, those other reasons are more paramount. That is how ghettos form.

The solution, as Nigel said over and over, is quotas of non-European, non Celtic, non-Anglo-Saxons allowed to settle. It’s very, very simple. All the rest is just words. Americans, Canadians, Germans? What’s the issue?

Zimbabweans or Biafrans? Different other ballgame. Compassion? Sure – a few dozen in the direst situation – they can be billeted with Labour MPs. Task forces to their lands to teach them agriculture or mining? Why not? But not 200,000 settling here in one go.

It comes back to numbers every time. On corruption in politics – follow the money. On immigration – follow the numbers.

3 comments for “Race? it comes down to numbers …

  1. Henry Kaye
    October 19, 2016 at 10:04 am

    The world that I was born into in 1931 has gone mad! For most of my life I have understood what was happening in my world and was not unduly concerned with any but a few things that were happening. It now seems that the world has gone mad; I don’t understand what has happened, what IS happening and what may happen in the near future. Who is responsible? What are the reasons? What can we do?

    • October 19, 2016 at 10:41 am

      We can insist, each in our own way, on sanity and decency. This is what these thousands of “Deplorables” are doing, especially on Twitter and other social media.

      There are so many current and ex service personnel, housewives, Nigel types, young people who don’t want any part of the corruption and lunacy, patriots and so on, all making their feelings known now. It’s not about Trump or Brexit per se, it is millions of us who want no more of this insanity.



      Sometimes, when watching the ever-accelerating madness spreading through our ‘elites’, I worry. When Judith Shulevitz says “Scientists mostly agree that sexual identity is multifarious, not binary: fungible, not fixed.”, it sure sounds as if the EndTimes are approaching. You can recognize the fifth Horseman by the arrow through his head.

      Then again, if you think about it, it’s just possible that this problem is going to solve itself. And in so doing, solve many other problems at the same time.

  2. Voice of Reason
    October 19, 2016 at 2:30 pm

    There is a kernel of truth in what you wrote. Up to WWII or so, the rich had everything better, and the poor just got by. Now, most people have enough food, and the difference between the classes, in terms of creature comforts, is not that large.

    What’s the point in being rich?

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