…and it also operates under water, or in outer space!

I rarely view corporate or product videos; or indeed tv adverts in general, partly because I have far better things to do; but also because the writing, the dialogue, the very presentations are all so stultifyingly boring. It is as if a veritable army of clones have been employed by a multitude of ad agencies and video production companies to render homage to a host of products: and as a result, they all sound and look exactly the same. Whether it be an ad for a television, a vacuum cleaner or a dishwash product; the dialogue, the pauses, the expressions of delight and astonishment; the news that everything is ‘new and improved’ is shovelled through your tv speakers and screens with depressing regularity.

As I pre-record most of the programmes I watch, and therefore have the facility to fast-forward over the garbage produced in the ever-increasing ‘ad breaks’, with the average hour-long scheduled show having just forty-three minutes of content, and the balance given over to so-called ‘commercial breaks’, I can understand the frustration levels experienced by those viewers who stick to the land-based broadcasters, but refuse to watch the BBC dreck, and thus have to watch the ITV and other channels which are littered with adverts.

I mention the video adverts only because I spotted the online advert for the new Google Pixel Phone, and it is just about the same as all the others; loud, brassy music hammering away, look-what-we’ve-got on camera, screen, battery etc. but with perhaps one startling addition, or rather omission. With a direct, and well-aimed snipe at their major opposition, the Apple iPhone 7, Google placidly comment “3.5mm headphone jack satisfyingly not new” as a direct attack offer aimed at the frustratingly-smug Apple corporate mindset which states, ‘we know what is best for you, the consumer; so like it or lump it’.


True, I probably won’t buy a Pixel phone, but only because my present mobile phone suits me, is working correctly; and I have never, ever, bought something just because it is ‘the latest gadget’.

2 comments for “…and it also operates under water, or in outer space!

  1. Errol
    October 20, 2016 at 7:29 pm

    Apple have more money than every country in Europe combined in that they’re not in debt. Thus they’re doing something right. If people want to buy these things, it’s their choice.

    The same cannot be said of an overpaid, incompetent town clerk consuming the combined council taxes of 2000 households.

  2. Stonyground
    October 20, 2016 at 8:25 pm

    If manufacturers of consumer goods take a wrong turn, they get instant feedback from their target audience. Although the general trend has been toward better and better products and huge commercial success, history is also littered with infamous failures. The Ford Edsel, the Suzuki RE5, Digital audio tape, electric cars, which people tend not to buy even when the government tries to bribe them with other people’s money. I’m sure that other commenters can think of many other examples.

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