Debate report

It’s coming to an end, thank goodness, everyone sick and tired of it. This was scheduled yesterday to open this post today:


So, what actually happened?  I followed it with the inimitable Roobee:

If you’re on Twitter and can find the time, please follow her as she’s one of the good ones.  So we settled back and it began.

Early in the debate

here-we-go policy-debate-tonight

Quickly onto abortion

janie-on-abortion one-for-amfortas

Moderator was a surprise

ann-coulter-on-it michelle-malkin on-wallace

Then it really got going and so many women were attacking, it was a delight. Sorry to be biased but all these gorgeous ladies on the attack was quite nice:

bayefsky briggs cc-on-debate cheryl cooley deb-rigged-election dems-for-trump deplora fesity-on-money fox-on-debate hillary-liar irritated janet-on-rallies janie-on-debate kristin-on-economy mastrangelo michelle-double muslim-rape pam-geller pam-smith piro sexual-assault-hillary solar-panels spaced-princess spagnola st-croix steph-on-aids suhler teresa trump-applause violence-at-rallies young-cons-laugh

Ladies and gentlemen, you’re not getting the full effect. I tried but couldn’t keep up – there were dozens, even hundreds of tweets.

The end

bill-mitchell cnn-poll-on-third florida-girl james-woods rt-poll


Most people said that but the millennial I had a bit of dialogue with thought this:


… which was then retweeted.

Other aspects in the sphere

Karl Denninger came out with:

The Veritas exposes’ thus far have been very bad.

But let’s take a look at just one of the things we discovered — Bob Creamer, who “resigned” after being “outed” in a video discussing wide-scale voter fraud — literally obtaining credentials for non-eligible people and then getting them to the polls to intentionally defraud the election process by casting votes en-masse.

He flat-out admits to voter fraud on video: “We’ve been bussing people in to deal with you f*****g *******s for fifty years…..”

Project Veritas has additionally exposed explicit connections between Democrat operatives who on tape have taken credit for intentionally inciting violence at Trump rallies, and a search of the FEC reports have disclosed that at least one of those people who so-bragged was on Hillary Clinton’s campaign payroll just a few days before the infamous Chicago “performance” which prevented Trump from holding his rally there.

One could take a look at this dispassionately and say “oh but that’s just one.”

But…. it’s not.

The Creamer expose is especially galling because he is a convicted felon, and the spouse of a Congresswoman. His crime? He swindled financial institutions while running a “public interest group” and pocketed income taxes instead of depositing them!

Not only was he still (in his own words) conspiring to commit criminal acts 10 years later, in this case voter fraud, but in addition he appears 342 times in the White House visitor log during Obama’s two terms, including dozens in which he met with Obama himself.

You don’t have to like Trump. There are plenty of things that I don’t personally care for when it comes to Trump myself. But I cannot, and will not, vote to place in the White House someone who I truly believe is a felon, albeit un-indicted and un-convicted (so far), along with a bunch of associates who have admitted, on tape, to actual crimes, some of whom have been convicted of prior felonies, and who additionally have now been caught on tape admitting to or conspiring to commit even more unlawful acts including the most-important crimes of all in a political context — subverting and corrupting our elections.

A vote for Hillary is a vote for criminality — not just in Hillary herself but also through those who she associates herself with and pays through her campaign.

Are you really crazy enough to vote for criminality in the White House?

Are you willing to vote for and sanction the literal destruction of all authority with regard to the Executive, who I remind you is responsible for enforcement of the law under our Constitution? Such an act could quite conceivably lead to an actual war — either with other major world powers or, possibly worse, a civil war right here in America.

And finally, what makes you so sure that all this corruption, fraud and blatant refusal to prosecute criminal acts won’t be used against you?

These things and the rest of the Wikileaks are going to dominate the next couple of weeks before the election.

Hillary Clinton – they’re onto you:


That’s about it, folks.