Big Media continue to attack Trump

I stopped paying attention to Big Media two weeks ago.

I briefly check RealClearPolitics for the latest polling propaganda and the anti-Trump headlines but that’s it. Unfortunately, RCP went into anti-Trump overdrive this month.

The LA Times poll shows Donald Trump had a wobbly week. Today, he is only 0.3 points ahead of Hillary Clinton. It’s unclear what is happening there, since they are polling the same people every day with the same questions. Perhaps too many voters are paying attention to Big Media and disillusionment is setting in, as planned. More and more of the voters they are polling expect Clinton to win.

Yet, an ABC poll which I first spotted on September 24 shows an overwhelming lead for Trump. Scroll to the bottom to see results. Clinton is in last place.

I said two weeks ago that I had a montage of press clippings from the end of September to get to. This post is the beginning of the end of my Big Media information stream for the campaign. The remainder might follow next week.

The Clinton/Kaine ticket is having real problems attracting audiences. In Chester, Pennsylvania, they smacked of desperation on September 22, when a retired general supporting them held a press conference outside a Trump rally. You couldn’t make it up.

The day before, the Daily Mail reported that Ivanka is the first of the Trump children to receive her own Secret Service protection. Prior to that, she, like her brothers, was covered only when she appeared with her father. Her code name is Marvel. Trump’s is Mogul and Melania’s is Muse.

On September 23, Trump appointed a group of 33 conservative Catholic advisers to help him draw in the left footer vote, particularly in swing states such as Pennsylvania. reported:

Trump, who expressed support for abortion rights earlier in his public career – he has said he changed his mind – has had difficulty winning the trust of some Catholic activists on abortion and other issues.

It’s interesting that a sizeable bloc of conservative Catholics still exists.

Most American Catholics — including religious and clergy — are of the ‘cafeteria’ variety, selecting what they want to believe in and rejecting other religious tenets. Ten days ago, the idea of a ‘Catholic Spring’ was all over the news. A 2012 email exposed by Wikileaks quoted Hillary’s John Podesta as saying:

We created Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good to organize for a moment like this. But I think it lacks the leadership to do so now. Likewise Catholics United. Like most Spring movements, I think this one will have to be bottom up. I’ll discuss with Tara. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend is the other person to consult.

Equally interesting is that the BLM protests have quietened down. One month ago, the protests in Charlotte were at high-octane violence levels. One innocent man was knocked to the ground and stripped to his underwear in a parking garage. Above ground, protesters nearly succeeded in throwing a photographer into a raging fire in the middle of the street. The Mail reported that a CNN reporter was also slammed to the ground:

It was the second night of unrest following the deadly shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, 43, by African-American cop, Brentley Vinson, 26, at an apartment complex on Tuesday afternoon. 

Police said 44 people were arrested for a variety of crimes such as assault, breaking and entering, and failure to disperse. At least 14 people, including five cops, were taken to hospital.

However, the Christian Times Newspaper — and the Charlotte Observer — reported that Scott had an extensive police record that included gun violations. He was also sentenced to a six-year prison sentence in 2005 for shooting at police officers in Bexar County, Texas. He was released in 2011. In 1995, he was charged with intent to kill in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Independent reporter Mark Dice has more, as does Zero Hedge. Most protesters came from out of state.

Elsewhere, some prominent Democrats have turned against the party because it has moved too far away from the core values middle-aged and older voters remember.

Robert Kennedy’s former speechwriter Adam Walinsky deplored the hawkish shift in rhetoric and action:

This year, I will vote to elect Donald Trump as president of the United States …

Throughout this campaign, he has said that as president, he would quickly sit down with President Putin and seek relaxation of tensions between our nations, and possible collaboration in the fight against terrorists. On this ground alone, he marks himself as greatly superior to all his competitors, earlier in the primaries and now in the general election.

Former Manhattan Borough president Andrew Stein told Fox and Friends on September 23:

he is voting for Donald Trump because the Democrat party has become too far left.

On September 27, he told Fox’s Neil Cavuto:

NBC moderator Lester Holt [first debate] was “very unfair” to Trump.

“He didn’t ask any [follow-up questions] to Hillary,” Stein said, mentioning Clinton’s pay-for-play and email server scandal accusations.

“She says she has all the experience… but it’s all negative.”

“Libya’s a disaster—Iraq—Syria—the Russian reset…So I think she has a terrible record,” Stein said.

This happened just days after Hillary asked:

Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?

Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks railed at then pleaded with the Democrats:

Get your head out of your — let’s be polite and say, get your head out of the sand. Okay? She’s losing! She’s a terrible candidate! Figure out a strategy in the next 48 days to turn around, otherwise you’re going to make Donald Trump, the monster, idiot, whatever you want to call him, loser… Donald Trump will become the most powerful man on earth.

Jesus, what have you done to us? Turn around quickly, find a way to win this election, otherwise you might have ruined the whole world with your arrogance.

Of course, defections cut both ways. On September 21, Politico reported that the Bush clan are likely to vote for Hillary. Both families are close friends:

“There is a mutual regard that exists, despite their obvious political differences, between the families,” one source close to the Bush family said. “And also a mutual disregard, a shared disgust for Trump as someone so far outside of that club.”

However, Admin of Big Pink warned:

These pimp endorsements might have worked wonders against dwarfs like Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush. But against Donald J. Trump they fail.

The racist card fails against Trump when very famous African-Americans endorse Trump.

Meaning Don King, whose opinion will resonate much more with American voters than those from entitled families who live on compounds and operate global foundations.

The fake scandals about Trump’s women hadn’t yet hit. So, Dilbert’s Scott Adams was still enthralled by Trump, even though he professed to be a Hillary supporter. On September 22, he enthused:

Running unopposed

He even criticised NBC’s poll stacked in Hillary’s favour:

I used to think this sort of thing was accidental. Now I don’t.

He also wrote on September 22 that the election was over:

There is still some mystery about how large the margin will be, but Trump is already the President of the United States unless something big happens in the next few weeks.

At that point, the polling trend was mostly going Trump’s way. On September 21, Prospect panicked:

How can it possibly be that Donald Trump is on the verge of overtaking Hillary Clinton? Despite all of the questions Trump has raised about his suitability to lead the United States, nearly half of America’s voters seem willing to cut him enough slack to quite possibly elect him.

Nate Silver adjusted his projections accordingly:

The latest vote projection from elections guru Nate Silver has Republican Donald Trump just six electoral votes short of winning and one point away from equaling Hillary Clinton‘s popular vote.

The newest Five Thirty Eight survey Trump at 264 and Clinton at 272, two more than needed. It’s the closest in recent weeks.

Then the groping accusations started after the second debate, one after the other, every day. All have been proven false, but Big Media continue with stories about Trump’s problems with women.

By October 13, such propaganda had adversely affected Scott Adams, who changed his tune. After 15+ months of extolling Trump, weaving narratives around him and saying he would win easily, he wrote:

If the latest groping/kissing allegations against Trump hold up – and I assume they will, based on quantity if not credibility – it won’t matter what Wikileaks says about Clinton. She will win easily.

He is now supporting Gary Johnson. Scott Adams is now dead to me.

Early voting has now begun. Voters in Gwinnett County — greater Atlanta — are turning out in droves, as if they are queuing up for a Trump rally. It’s unlikely many Clinton voters would wait in line like that. (One wonders if local home break-ins are partly responsible for the queues. Maybe this scene from September 22 is just a one-off.)

We shall see how the voting goes in light of anti-Democrat scandals. Wikileaks continues their daily dump of emails. James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has released two shocking videos — one on Democrat-instigated violence at Trump rallies and another on engineered voter fraud. I don’t often recommend videos, but both are must-sees. O’Keefe will have more beginning on Monday. Stay tuned to Project Veritas.

Yesterday, Trump supporters in Virginia Beach booed CNN. However, millions of depressed Trump voters who tune into cable news and major networks still need convincing.

Trump laid out his Contract with the American Voter at a small but packed gathering in Gettysburg yesterday. He has just the sort of platform I have been hoping for since the 1990s.

My news sources have been increasingly coming from The_Donald, The Conservative Treehouse, Jack Pine Radicals (Bernie’s people) and, for the best strategic advice, Big Pink. I recommend all of them highly. You can also check out my site which will be covering Trump and Clinton through November 8.

Until next time … MAGA!

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