Home stretch

This looks at that other fight to the death going on.

Let’s open with this:

Like Alexis de Tocqueville, who came to America [from another country] and offered us invaluable insights about our country, Trevor Loudon is an author and activist from New Zealand who nevertheless seems to understand us better than we understand ourselves.

Unlike de Tocqueville, however, Loudon does not like what he sees. His new movie is a painful, shocking, well-documented, and timely review of the large number of elected officials in the U.S. who are so hostile to our Constitution that they could not survive a conventional background check.

The Enemies Within is particularly important right now because it exposes the anti-American, socialist, Communist and Jihadist sympathies of leading figures in the Democratic Party including Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. For example, Loudon lays bare Sanders’s clear Communist sympathies by detailing his visits to Cuba, Nicaragua, and his honeymoon in the U.S.S.R.

Loudon also features my previously reported, face-to-face, account of young Barack Obama’s fervent commitment in an inevitable Communist revolution. Likewise, Loudon is merciless in exposing Hillary’s ties to nefarious Communist front groups, her affection for Saul Alinsky, and her ties to jihadi extremists including members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

At this point, I’m going to mention a lady whose blog I’ve visited and who has just voted for Hillary Clinton. Rather than make disparaging comment on that – remembering that in the democratic process, even turkeys [let’s make that geese] can vote for Christmas and there is nothing anyone can do about it – it ws interesting the reasons she gave. And those reasons are what chilled me.

Essentially, she saw her duty as “Stop Trump”. No real reasons given, beyond that she doesn’t like him. She also doesn’t like Trump supporting “nutters”. What she sees is a compassionate Democratic Party, traditionally looking after the struggling worker, the unfortuante etc. and the horrible, nasty people on the other side.

Not just horrible and nasty but in Trump’s case – well, he’s so ugly, so angry, he raped all those women Hillary said he did – let’s not bother with the slightest scrap of evidence, no, he’s a nasty, gingerheaded, crazy man with crackpot ideas.

So she voted Clinton, as if there are only two choices. OK, now let’s look at Bill Whittle’s latest and I’d point out that of the three, Scott Ott [on our right onscreen] was vehemently NeverTrump, Steve Green was circumspect and Bill Whittle thought well OK, he’s not the best, Trump … but look at the alternative.

Someone tweeted yesterday that a person who votes Clinton is in effect condoning sleaze, corruption, lying to the public on a massive scale, murder and the taking down of ordinary people she despises. But that does not affect our lady, she sees none of that, except as a GOP stratagem. Nor is she concerned that Clinton getting in results in open slather borders and in a 7-2 count of socialists on the SCOTUS, for the term of their natural lives … and all of ours.

Perhaps even more vital is that she has openly supported the confrontation of Putin on his own doorstep. That is neoCon brinkmanship more usually associated with the Bushes and Rumsfelds. Whilst I don’t believe it would ever come to it, nevertheless the bargaining chip is indeed WWIII.

Yet somehow, our ladyfriend with the blog does not see this. If anything, it is the fault of dangerous rightwingers like the Bushes – as if they are rightwing and not what they are – globalists. Even our Cherie called Blair rightwing, when in fact he is a global socialist, as distinct from a ‘care-for-the-worker’ socialist. And that’s where we have issues of perception, do we not?

Those issues of perception are what has dogged Trump until now, plus the pruny, small-mouthed look which so many of the left can’t abide. Plus that hair. Plus all his “rapes” he never did. Yet he has made some good policy moves of late in the home stretch, and that’s what this vid is about:

The polls say he’s up by about 4% just now but who can trust polls anyway? What we have here though is a clear choice for Americans to either lay four more years of Obama with the real possibility of war with Russia, healthcare price hikes, vastly more debt, no change at all in the welfare state.

Against a chance, just a small chance, that things might significantly alter for a while at least, until DJT is assassinated or the PTB get to him. And America is reminded that it is not just them at stake here, it is world peace, as Obama came out today and actually had the gall to say was at risk. Yes, it is – if he gets back for a third term through Clinton.

More than that, he’s a tool for the PTB but Clinton is actually evil, as so many have noted. And our lady friend voted for her in a fit of pique at Trump.