A different angle on “demoralization”

So, the FBI leader, Comey, has come out yet again and exonerated Clinton.

What is the most dismaying part of this whole thing? It is that only half the country is crying foul. The other half is what Yuri Bezmenov called “demoralized” and this is why below. It’s a very short clip and worth watching in its entirety:

The key point is that at the end of the process, then even when faced with authentic information, e.g. the Assange emails, the people cannot come to “sensible conclusions” based on that or they choose to ignore it for personal and political reasons.

He calls the process “demoralization” but does not mean dismay. “Dismay” is for those the process did not convert – namely us, the 52% – but it means the losing of a moral sense of right and wrong in the 48%.

Little doubt this has always gone on and a vocal minority, including soothsayers, has always been on about it – in the last twelve years, bloggers have been on about it too, but the difference now, in 2015-17, is that it is so open, so blatant and the miscreants act with complete impunity and chutzpah, confident that they have the numbers.

Comey could not make that statement of exoneration, given the evidence we ourselves have seen, including primary evidence, unless he was:

1. In deep thrall, that is they have him by the short and curlies;
2. He is assured that Clinton will win – the fix is well in. It’s never the voting, it’s the counting.

To rub salt into the wound, they then come out like that South American woman and crow about it on national TV, thumbing their noses at people, grinning and pretending it is for noble reasons.

This is the mark of disdain of the elite for the ordinary, in this case, a South American for the British. This is the penultimate stage of corruption, the final stage being the rounding up, show trials and punishing of dissidents.

Thus there is everything to play for in America tomorrow. If he wins, she and Comey go to prison. If she wins, the witchhunts start, beginning with Trump himself and they are not public – they are done in a covert way at the lower levels.

It trickles down

At lower, more mealy-mouthed levels, the corruption trickles down, the poison gets into all. Same pattern – do something wrong, blame it on an innocent, blame it on society or the devil, pretend to be doing it for a noble cause:


On Twitter, I’ve just had a weekend where, usually getting perhaps two or three retweets on some of my postings, I lost count on this particular one – it’s into a hundred and something retweets up and down the UK and beyond and still going this morning:


Do not read anything personal into that – every tweeter and blogger have the same thing happen – it comes, it goes, sometimes it peaks, that’s just part of the territory.

Do please read into it that this issue obviously struck a chord and it’s a measure of the feeling up and down the country – a feeling also in America over the Clinton corruption.

This morning, I’m reading things on the corrupt Remainers here and the corrupt Dems and FBI over there. And in both cases, the most galling, dismaying thing is the apologists, those pretending they are doing as they do for noble reasons. That woman telling Nigel people should be thanking her for “saving” parliament, just as Gordon Brown supposedly saved the world.

Yuri Bezmenov assumed the whole society, or at least a large proportion of it, becomes “demoralized” by his definition, whereas – maybe it’s still early days – it is roughly half, plus the media, who are. And those are the seeds of civil war.

Yes, I detest that mindset and behaviour in Remainers, in Dems – the corrupt way of ignoring evidence and supporting wrong. I don’t detest those human beings as human beings – we’re all human – but I do detest the mindset and behaviour. I can’t speak to such people any more.

An analogy to try to explain why is that woman the other day who found out her lover/hubby/whatever had, in fact, been seeing gay lovers, unprotected. How could she ever make love to him again?

There is one way. If he breaks down, is truly contrite, is eventually forgiven, if his subsequent behaviour is thereafter always respectful and even reverential – then maybe, just maybe they can get along again.

What chance?

Back to our current issue, the originally guilty are, obviously, those above who have caused half our people to become like this. It’s not one cabal, it’s the deterioration caused by many agencies, but all of them combined have caused all this to happen, have driven a wedge right down the centre of society.

There is one chance tomorrow. A deeply flawed man might, just might, stand in the way of the machine for four years, there might just be some initial pyrrhic victory for us all, including our demoralized.

Or else corruption wins and the machine then does as it likes, with complete impunity. And that applies to MPs in parliament and the will of 52% of the people.

4 comments for “A different angle on “demoralization”

  1. john in cheshire
    November 7, 2016 at 1:26 pm

    If Mrs Clinton wins, then I think God will give up on the USA until it comes to its senses.

  2. Andrew Duffin
    November 8, 2016 at 12:02 pm

    Comey has probably seen that list of 47 people who died in not-entirely-clear ways after getting too close to the Clintons’ shenanigans.

    He doesn’t want to become #48 – which might happen even if That Woman loses.

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