Can’t stump the Trump? An anxious nation waits

It was the guys and gals on The_Donald who first coined the phrase ‘Can’t stump the Trump!’

I recommend going there if you want up to the minute election developments. It’s much better than the BBC, as you’ll get links to actual news rather than gaslighting. I’ll also be tuning in to the Alex Jones Show, which will be running live through November 9. He has an enthusiastic young team who are likely to be on the ground with live reports you won’t see anywhere else.

As this is the last post of the Trump campaign, it is difficult to know where to start. I still have hundreds of links but will run through the past couple of days worth of his rallies and post some final thoughts.

Unfortunately, what would have been a normal Sunday post followed by today’s was cancelled because of late-breaking news of a mostly Democratic paedophile ring, hard evidence for which is still lacking. The_Donald’s contributors are working on that, too, based on WikiLeaks. Lots of talk about pizza and pizza toppings in the Podesta emails, which is unusual, given that these people are very comfortably well off.

The other thing that broke at the weekend was Spirit Cooking, popular among Clinton people.

It took me two days of extensive reading to decide if all this was true. Then I found YouTube videos to corroborate what I saw in print.

As this post is meant to be about Donald Trump, kindly permit me to share with you five posts of mine which discuss the above. First are FBI Anon posts distilled from 4chan: Parts 1, 2 and 3. Then check out my posts here and here, including the YouTube videos, especially this one. I also added comments after one post which supply more information.

If Hillary wins, if what The_Donald’s investigative posts are showing is true (here and here as well as on other posts) — and if the media knew about it (see WaPo endorsement along with this one) — then the biggest, cruellest hoax of all time will have been pulled on the American people.

The FBI might have been reading The_Donald, because on November 6 — when a lot of their posts on the subject were being created — they tweeted:

Help the find one of these kidnapped or missing persons. Submit a tip at .

The pictures in the thumbnail are all of children.

I did say in my post of two weeks ago that America is undergoing spiritual warfare in this election. Little had I imagined it was going to involve children and the occult. It is unfathomable and unspeakable.

Furthermore, never have I read so many atheists on The_Donald and on YouTube say that they are doing a rethink about their antipathy towards Christianity. That tells you just how bad this is.

So, coming out of reading about the Clinton circle’s depravity and going to The Conservative Treehouse to read about Trump rallies is like walking from darkness into light.

Donald Trump never entered this race to lose it. He didn’t invest tens of millions of dollars of his money to roll over for the Democrats. He didn’t take his own jet back and forth across the country nearly every day since the summer of 2015 merely to take trips. He didn’t speak in front of hundreds of thousands of people in that time to lose to Hillary Clinton.

I cannot think of a presidential candidate in living memory outside of JFK who has inspired more Americans than Donald Trump. He is the great unifier of our time. He has brought together young and old, Republicans, Democrats, Bernie Sanders’ supporters, blacks, whites, Latinos, Asians and more under one giant red, white and blue umbrella that he is holding over them to protect them from the hard rain of the Democrats and the globalists.

No website typifies this unity better than The_Donald, which has many first person testimonies from ex-Democrats. If The_Donald’s posters do not typify patriots, then it’s hard to say who does. They love America. And most of them are Millennials.

Offline, no sites typified unity better than each Trump rally destination, filled with thousands of patient Americans willing to queue up in heat, snow or frost for hours to see him or hear him speak.

Now consider how many millions have watched his rallies and news interviews online.

Think of the millions of pro-Trump tweets and blog posts that have circulated since June 2015.

Think of the many graphics people created for and about him, just because he captivated their hearts and minds. Here’s one from The_Donald:

But you came for Trump news rather than views. Photos are at many of the rally links below.

‘You can’t stump the Trump’. I can’t see him losing today unless its through well crafted and rampant vote rigging. An additional reason why I think he’ll win is the news that Hillary has cancelled her two-minute victory firework extravaganza tonight.

She announced fireworks along the Hudson on November 1. Trump artfully ended his rally of November 2 in Pensacola, Florida, with a fireworks display and reprised it the following night in Selma, North Carolina where an estimated 17,500 people attended. One can just imagine him thinking, ‘You think fireworks for your campaign staff is a big deal? I’ll give two displays to my fellow Americans.’

This is what Trump’s rally map looked like for Monday, November 7. He spent many of his days over the past month taking similar trips criss-crossing America. Photo courtesy of The Conservative Treehouse:

His penultimate rally took place last night in Manchester, New Hampshire. Someone from The_Donald was right by the stage and shared his photos of the crowd and the Trump family. Ivanka later tweeted her thanks to those attending with this family photo.

Trump closed in Grand Rapids, Michigan to a late-night crowd of thousands. You can see a neat Periscope of him and the crowd. It looks like a small venue, however, the queue of cars was two miles long. Afterwards, he flew back to New York.

I’ll miss these rallies, including the photos of supporters greeting his plane, such as this one from Moon Township, Pennsylvania on Sunday, November 6. I’ll also miss the queues of thousands waiting to get in, like this crowd in Leesburg, Virginia, late that same night. The Conservative Treehouse‘s Sundance wrote:

While there have been many memorable and historic moments in the 2016 campaign season, the midnight Trump rally in Leesburg Virginia will be one that goes into the history books for our grandchildren to read.

A few more details are worth mentioning.

Trump was buoyant at his last batch of Florida rallies, which leads his voters to believe that he is confident of winning the state. It would certainly take some of the pressure off if he did.

I watched two of his speeches last night, and he did an excellent job of covering all of his many policy points clearly and simply in two or three sentences apiece. Millions hope he can fulfil his brief, first stated on April 27:

We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism.

This quote of his from the same speech is also worth remembering:

The nation-state remains the true foundation of happiness and harmony.

As I write, the Trumps have just voted at PS (Public School) 59 in Manhattan.

Today, November 8, is not only election day but Eric and Lara Lea Trump’s wedding anniversary. Wouldn’t it be great if they remembered this day for an equally great reason?

Regardless of the result, I will be back to give you more profiles of him and his family. I had hoped to cover these during dry spells in the campaign, but every day gave me more material than I could write about.

In closing, I hope that God will shine upon Donald Trump and his family. A lot of Americans compare him to the Lion of Judah and believe that God is using him as an instrument for good in a world full of evil.

Postscript: This was his expression when the Secret Service bundled him off the stage in Reno on Saturday. He is completely at peace with himself and the world. From MissLizzyNJ:

Can’t stump the Trump? Let’s hope no one can.

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  1. November 8, 2016 at 6:40 pm

    Thanks. I’m currently following reports from polling stations by Americans who are posting pics of what’s happening. Voting machine irregularities in 6 states so far – click Trump and it puts the mark on Clinton.

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