Conscience? You’d vote for a witch out of conscience?


The post here raises one interesting question for me:

More than one political writer has begged Never Trumpers to set aside their “rigid morals” in the face of the evil that is Hillary Clinton. Contrary to their belief, I would argue that “moral laziness” is resigning your vote to the seemingly lesser of two proven evils.

A very, very interesting question. The fallacy in the argument above is “to set aside their “rigid morals. Why is it “setting aside” to support Trump, when his has been a very moral stance the whole way through?

Seems Ted Cruz has realized that too. And paying $62,000 to Gaga [above in mock nazi uniform and parading as one] plus Springsteen [he of the unisex trans toilets] is hardly Christian in Ted Cruz’s moral universe. In fact it is satanist.

The word satanist is bandied about and many readers turn away when they see it. I rarely use it because of its effect on readers but do use it when it applies, when they openly subscribe to it. People like Gaga, Beyonce, Jay Z, that other one who interrupts people’s acceptance speeches, Minaj and further back, Tuesday Weld and Jane Mansfield, are openly associated in the music press with satanism, others less so.

Just looking at the behaviour of Hollywood and the music industry, it’s hardly moral America’s America, you call it whatever label you wish. And yet Clinton chose to have those two up on stage with her, or at least her controllers did – she’s so sick in health she’s barely standing.

If it were possible to extract the two personalities from this and put the two cardboard cutouts head to head, here is the choice:

Candidate A

melaniaWomanizer from the past, current wife certainly former glamour model, allegations of cruelty to people who got in his way. He is going to roll back Obamacare and cut into the 4 trillion national debt, make Mexico pay for a wall, stop jihadi immigration, bring Clinton to proper trial.

He supports the police and armed forces, the Constitution as it is, middle America down to the working class, massive rallies with no one being paid to attend, his camp have done some tricks like sending single protesters to Clinton rallies, perhaps they weren’t sent.

The messianic fervour does, of course, cut both ways. Assange was asked why he didn’t spill the dirt on Trump and he said there was none.

They’d prefer to have Rapist Bill to Melania as FLOTUS?

Candidate B

From her youth to Whitewater to Vince Foster to today, all reports are that this is a crime family, getting huge money from Saudi and other nations like it, backed by the globalists, determined to continue America on the same way, downwards in the world, will try to change the Constitution, will collect all guns in the land if she can, wants open borders, NAFTA, which America has already rejected once.

Then Benghazi and her total incompetence in office, her lack of caring, followed by emails of the kind that any candidate in the past would have been finished. I believe they were happy Trump got through because any other candidate would not have got leftwing backs up as much and it is this, rather than anything she brings, which might get her across the line.

And even accepting all that and putting her in, how the hell will she run the country with health like that? She is a very sick woman.

Then comes the satanist thing. Leave that aside, there was the meeting in the forest – the pic of her has done the rounds – where they are humiliating a black – and she is there. Call it something other than satanist, call it KKK and she has the gall to accuse Trump of ‘being endorsed’ by the KKK.

Huma jihadi control – every single aspect is wrong. In old parlance, she’s a wrong ‘un and everyone knows it. Yet they’d vote her in out of tribalism towards the DNC, which is itself tampering with machines and pulling every dirty trick in the book?

Let alone the corrupt Comey. The state and the DNC have both been sleazy, openly corrupt and these people on the left who make a huge issue of Washington corruption, the Man and all that – they are planning to vote for precisely that.

These people voting for her – they are against the banksters, against capitalism and sleaze so they say – and yet the embodiment of those things, their continuation, they’re voting for.

Plus they hate Trump, everything he stands for, the man himself. And they’re going to vote for her as a consequence, though the two need not be a sequitur in the least to a logical mind.

Are there any neutrals left in this thing? Is there anyone who would look at this head-to-head and say it is not disproportionate? There was a young man who left a comment at one of the sites last evening, our time:

“I really cannot fathom who in the right state of mind, with a moral compass, would vote for this witch?!!!”

To the young man and bearing in mind Yuri Bezmenov’s clip from yesterday on demoralization:

… the issue now is – what proportion of America is still of the old values and what proportion the new Gagas and Jay Zs? On that turns this election.

This is my penultimate on the US election, the last one coming after the result is known tomorrow.

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  1. November 8, 2016 at 11:59 am

    There’s been a bizarre comment on an earlier post here, by a chap we’ll call Bill, his email no name at whatever dot com.

    His thrust was that anyone voting for Trump is a fascist. Some questions:

    1. Which candidate’s camp sent thugs to the other’s rallies to disrupt? Who daubed slogans and ripped signs out of lawns? Who floods comments threads with paid trollery?

    2. Who has the MSM, FBI head and judiciary in her pocket and can’t be touched?

    3. At the final rallies, who had a nazi-uniformed nutter sich heiling around stage, whilst the candidate beamed on?

    4. Who had massive rallies, entirely voluntary attendance, and that’s the extent of his “fascism”?

    5. Whose whole platform has been on the rights of the people, as distinct from the right to take away more rights, starting with the right to bear arms, the right to practise Christianity … and so on?

    And our mate Bill has the vote. Go figure, as the Americans are wont to say.

    • Lord T
      November 8, 2016 at 12:22 pm

      There is a lot of dickheads out there and they all come out when their SJW friends need their help. They pretend to be several different people giving support as well.

      Lets hope the merkins have woken up enough to kick these people in the groin.

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