The ‘Guardian’ Hits The Panic Button…

…and the results are absolutely hilarious:

If Brexit wasn’t enough of a wake-up call that the left is in serious trouble, maybe the US election will be. Now is the time to get involved in politics – join a political party, participate in meetings, recruit supporters. Insist progressive parties work together and do something to connect with people who believe them to be the preserve of out-of-touch, liberal elites. Donate to and volunteer with organisations such as Refugee Action, Calais Action, and Women for Refugee Women. Become a foster carer for unaccompanied minors. Stand up to rape culture. Support groups such as Hope Not Hate.

Yes, that’s the way to win back all those voters. Campaign for more of what they’ve told you they don’t want.

Throw all your so-called ‘liberal’ credentials out of the window and abandon the principles you claim to live by.

True, not everyone who voted for Brexit or Trump is a rabid misogynist racist, but these wins allow rabid misogynist racists to believe people are behind them. It doesn’t have to be like that.

Keep it up. You’ve learned nothing from these defeats, and there’s every sign you’ll continue to learn nothing as yet more potential defeats head your way.

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  1. Hereward Unbowed.
    November 14, 2016 at 11:37 am

    and you can’t educate dead pork.

  2. Judd
    November 14, 2016 at 12:57 pm

    Please stop.

    My sides have been splitting since the the first snowflake burst into tears as Saint Hilary lost, and its been an orgy of utter bollocks in print radio and telly since then, with celebs polticians establishment reporters and other bought and paid for windbags and their fawning disciples wailing about how unfair it is that old white male sexist racists, of whom there must be bloody millions and millions out there, have shattered their dreams of a worldwide ”no need to work or wash” utopia by daring not to vote how they were told.

    Only just got me breath back from weeks of laughing almost uncontrollably at the remoaners bitching to each other and anyone, who can keep a suitably straight face while listening, via their chosen propaganda channels and rags how old (its always those pesky old folks) white racist well heeled pensioners had shattered their glory of living under EU and utterly destroyed their entitled bone idle futures, and now you lot taking the piss mercilessly out of these mindless fools isn’t helping me to straighten me clock up any time soon, going to end up with a perma grin like The Joker at this rate.

    • mikebravo
      November 15, 2016 at 2:22 pm

      I was always told not to mock the afflicted.

      Unfortunately I was bollocked for not listening and doing as I was told as well!

  3. Errol
    November 14, 2016 at 8:48 pm

    It’s the arrogance, the name calling, the ‘we’re better than they are’ attitude. The smug, condescending petulance of rude, vicious bullies. Worse, it’s sanctimonious bullies, thugs who cannot understand *they are in the wrong*. The ignorant, anti democratic, hate filled egotism of spoiled children desperate to ignore that they kicked the beehive, that they are responsible.

    They are children, no more worthy of notice or attention than a screaming child who, having thrown his dinner on the floor expects some more.

    • Mudplugger
      November 15, 2016 at 6:59 pm

      She’s probably already clambering up the cynical greasy-pole that is BBC promotion as we write.

  4. November 14, 2016 at 11:51 pm

    I have not stopped laughing yet.

  5. Hereward Unbowed.
    November 15, 2016 at 8:02 am

    A preening article by Iain Martin, he rattles on about his personal dilemma, the subtext of which is, he likes Trump but cannot say so because he must appear not to inflame the ire of the media egos and with some oleaginous fawning to appease his liberal mates….. here. Martin, where he tries to walk a tightrope and fails significantly falling into the ‘I love myself’ net again and again.

    But with two quotes at the end of his polemic, are striking.

    The first comes from Steve, a regular reader of Reaction from Ohio, which went for Trump. He runs a clothes shop and voted for Trump:

    “The story is just how big this country is. It is so much more than Wall Street and Starbucks and Hollywood. It is made up of every day people who occupy the open spaces of this country. They do the dirty work. They work the factories, they farm the land… they fight our wars. And yesterday they righted a ship that they felt was losing its course. In fact they took ownership of that ship, and reminded everyone that at least for now, they still have power. Doubters beware…. ”

    And this:

    The second contribution comes from Nick, an American banker who offered his view at a bar in New York when I was grabbing a burger and a beer on the way out of New York. I scribbled down his view. He voted for Trump and his girlfriend voted for Clinton.

    “I don’t like Trump, but look at what is happening in this country. People have had enough. Imagine you live in Michigan or Wisconsin, or Ohio, or Pennsylvania, or Florida, or North Carolina. You’re getting by ok but it’s fraught with worry and even the good months seem like a respite from it all going, what do you Brits say? tits up. One of you has two jobs. Your neighbour’s wife works at Walmart but that’s getting eaten alive by Amazon and delivery companies. What are your kids going to do for a living? College is expensive and then what? The companies they might work for won’t offer them anything like security. It’s tough out there. And what’s the biggest news story of the last year on TV here other than the election? Other than Black Live Matters protests.”

    I shake my head. I don’t know.

    “Transgender restrooms. Transgender bathrooms. All the time. Crazy protests on campus. All the time. Crazy, angry, entitled, spoilt people shouting on your TV about justice and trigger warnings and transgender stuff and hating America and how bad the country is when they’ve no idea what life is really about. While tens of millions of people in those states have real concerns about jobs, pay, about the economy, about their children. And this is the next battle that the radicals want to fight? Abolishing men and women? No. Equality yes. This crap? No. And eventually you think: what the hell is going on in this country? And you vote for the one guy that says enough.”

    As he says, “spot on”.

    Here in Britain we are about to be love bombed by the prosecution telling us all what a wonderful, beautiful person was a certain dead MP, yes her assassination was an abomination but………..she was no Saint so, leave it out.


    I read Saturday’s Mail, where Oborne’s pale attempt the other day, he fell short of actually saying it [what a surprise!] and therefore the article was bereft of any pith or point.
    He [Oborne] neglected to mention, that, Trump won because people have had enough of the lies, political filth of Cultural Marxism and wet behind the ears know nothings telling them to obey the liberal diktats.
    The constant pleas, the earnest beseeching, the blizzards of lies and lies and lies. About the good guys in Aleppo FFS! and those child refugees from Syria but who look like they’re 40 years old and never have been near the Levant…………”we must do something!” they cry. Trump will go some way to do away with all that crap.

    “do something”??……..Er no, we don’t we only pray that the Russians can bring an early solution and that with Trump’s help – ceasing funding to the Wahhabist nutters supposedly ‘on our side’, that, soon in Syria, just maybe sanity might break out.

    One thing we do know, last to arrive at reality, will be the graun.

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