Insiders’ analysis of presidential campaign — part 1

The Alex Jones Show was a fascinating news source during the presidential campaign, if only for the insiders’ views as 2016 unfolded.

This post begins a series of excerpts and summaries from various interviews in chronological form. Those interviewed are Larry Nichols, a Clinton insider from Arkansas days, terminally ill with cancer, and Roger Stone, Trump insider and veteran of five presidential campaigns beginning in 1964. Nichols co-created the 1994 film The Clinton Chronicles and Stone co-authored The Clintons’ War on Women, published in 2015.

The first Larry Nichols interview I ever saw was on May 20. It was compelling. He said he was ex-Special Forces and had seen a lot in his time, most of which he was not at liberty to discuss. He covered a number of subjects. On the ‘bimbo eruption’ of Bill Clinton’s women, Nichols said that Hillary facilitated the attacks on them. He predicted that a lot of false stories and emails against Trump would circulate: ‘know your sources’, ‘read the signs’ and use discernment when you read about him. He was right.

On May 24, Nichols talked about Vince Foster‘s death which goes against what was officially reported. A Secret Service memorandum is in the Congressional records. When the Park Police informed the Secret Service, the report stated that Foster was found in his car along with a .38 revolver, beverages and a briefcase. Nichols said that, based on the autopsy report and other official documents, Foster did have carpet fibres on his clothes, suggesting that someone had rolled a rug around his body and that he had been moved. Nichols says there is a little-known second entrance to Fort Marcy Park. No blood was found at the scene. There was also no bullet or brain tissue found.

For this and other reasons, Nichols hoped that Trump would ignore the GOPe and pursue the Clintons’ past, ‘gloves off’. There is no separating Hillary from Bill. Nichols said that both would use Big Media against Trump, which they did.

Nichols also said that the US ‘gave’ the rights to the F18 fighter on-board computer system to the Chinese government.

Roger Stone was on next that day. Like Nichols, he, too, hoped that Trump would ‘expose the Clintons top to bottom’, adding that all the Clintons’ past was ‘back on the table’ and that Bill’s women would come forth again. As we know, only the last part happened.

That said, Stone described the atmosphere in the Trump campaign: ‘The adrenaline is flowing’ and internal polling showed Millennials were turning to Trump. He added that this election would be an ‘epic showdown’ between globalists and constitutionalists.

Stone said near the end of the interview that he set up a fund to help Kathleen Willey with her mortgage payment, stating that she had never been paid off by the Clintons. (This was substantiated in February in the Daily Caller, although their article said Willey set the fund up herself.)

Late on May 26, Stone gave an Ask Me Anything (AMA) interview to Reddit’s The_Donald forum which Infowars co-broadcast. Earlier that day Trump reached 1,237 delegates in the Republican primary.

Stone responded to many questions. When Bernie Sanders came up for discussion, Stone said that Trump should look for and talk about common ground between him and Hillary’s opponent, the ‘non-elite candidates’: opposition to Big Finance and support of jobs for Americans. He said that ‘hard core’ Sanders supporters would not be swayed but voters in the Rust Belt would be. Stone said that when The Clintons’ War on Women launched in New York, a lot of Sanders supporters attended the event. Not long afterwards, a group of Democrats — primarily in the Rust Belt — organised Democrats for Trump.

He talked about the first presidential candidate he volunteered for: Barry Goldwater in 1964. Goldwater’s manner and rhetoric, he said, attracted him to the Republican Party, one that ‘no longer exists’ now that the GOP and Democrats are one big Wall Street party. He has worked on Republican campaigns ever since, even though he considers himself rather libertarian and ‘a bit of a libertine’. He said that Trump and Goldwater share a common trait: ‘straight talkers’. Because the United States is in such trouble, Trump’s truths resonate with the American people.

In terms of the campaign, he said that Trump has used Twitter like no other candidate or businessman, for that matter. He added that Trump’s 30-second Instagram spots are ‘nothing short of brilliant’. Despite his use of social media Trump is not an Internet surfer. He gets his news from it but that’s all.

Stone also said of Trump’s campaign: ‘Everything that we have believed from the history books, he has thrown out the window’. He has ‘turned politics in this country upside down’.

He later added that Trump is ‘very fastidious’ and a self-confessed ‘germophobe’; he never goes anywhere without Purell hand sanitiser.

The protesters disrupting his rallies and injuring his supporters were actually helping to ‘galvanise’ and ‘motivate’ more voters to his side: ‘These are professional agitators’ whose violence was ‘rebounding to Trump’s benefit’. He said that Hillary and George Soros were behind them, not Bernie Sanders. He explained that Soros’s interests are for Hillary. He later stated that MoveOn and Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel (former Obama chief of staff) also had a big role in the protests. Ultimately, ‘The voters do not trust Hillary Clinton and that’s not going to improve.’

As for the Bushes, Stone worked on both their campaigns: ‘What a mistake! I’m still doing penance!’

The Clintons also popped up in the AMA. Stone said the Clinton Foundation was a ‘multi-billion dollar Ponzi scam. You can sum this up in one word: greed.’

Stone also knows former Bill Clinton advisor Dick Morris who later went into political consulting. In recent years, he has also worked as a a political commentator. Although Stone did not rate his predictions highly, saying that two out of ten of his ideas are right and correct, he did say that Morris has seen the Clinton dysfunction and ‘is largely credible’.

Stone stated that the Clintons would become the ‘story of the election’. He went further: ‘The Clintons have violated men, women and children. It’s about sexual assault and rape’. As we saw, Trump shied away from all of that. However, that doesn’t mean he is unaware of their misdeeds. Stone said Trump has a number of reports about their scandals going back to Whitewater, but said that the real estate scandal pales in comparison to their sales of state secrets to the Chinese. Of the earlier scandals, Stone said that most Americans have forgotten them, however, they are more important than the Monica Lewinsky episode.

Stone said, ‘The Clintons are stuck in the 1980s’ as ‘is David Brock‘, founder of Media Matters and Correct The Record (CTR). CTR is the paid group of aggressive online defenders of Hillary Clinton. Stone said that ‘all of these [scandals] will be revisited’.

Someone asked him about Vince Foster. Stone’s assessment differs from Larry Nichols’s. Stone does not believe Foster was murdered: ‘I believe he committed suicide’ and was buried in Fort Marcy Park along with the carpet fibres. He also said that records relating to the case were ‘illegally removed’.

As for the FBI investigation of Hillary’s emails, Stone stated that the if the FBI director recommended an indictment, Obama would probably give her a pardon on the grounds that the violations were merely ‘technical’.

In the end, Stone made it clear that whatever Trump’s notional transgressions are, none come even close to matching the sexual assault and rape associated with the Clintons.

Near the end of the interview, someone asked Stone how he met Trump. A mutual friend, Roy Cohn, who was Trump’s lawyer, introduced the two in 1979. Cohn was for many years a close friend of Ronald Reagan, and Stone was working on Reagan’s campaign that year going into 1980. Fred Trump and Stone also had something in common: their admiration of Barry Goldwater.

Stone is a huge fan of Richard Nixon and when you see him on the Alex Jones Show, the Nixon memorabilia around him is staggering. Stone told AMA that his favourite books are Nixon’s memoirs — and David Ogilvy’s Confessions of an Advertising Man.

I have more of these going all the way to November 4, four days before the election. It is interesting to have insiders give their perspective on past information which might have more prominence next year.

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  1. mona
    November 18, 2016 at 6:39 pm

    I follow Alex Jones, but his constant interruptions tiresome.
    however as I predicted that Trump would be President when he first said he would stand, I believe he will eventually be looked upon as the first American Emperor, such as his stature will grow.

    • November 18, 2016 at 11:06 pm

      Thanks, Mona. It’s great to get in touch with another Alex Jones listener.

      I don’t know about Trump being the ‘first American Emperor’, but if he can manage to equal George Washington and/or Abraham Lincoln, that will truly be history in the making. (Neither would have liked a mention of being emperor or king. Washington said back then he was not going to be America’s king.)

      Re Alex Jones’s interruptions, yes, they are too intrusive. Maybe he should lay off the Brain Force. 😉

      Have you been watching Roger Stone tonight? Just a few minutes before my typing this comment he told Alex that Chelsea did contact at least one of the Trump children to plead that the new administration not investigate her parents. However, as Stone said, ‘We are a nation of laws, not of men.’

      The Alex Jones Show then showed a shot of an article from one news source (maybe CNN, not sure) reporting that Chelsea’s and Ivanka’s ‘friendship’ continues to be ‘on ice’.

      According to Stone’s ‘sources’, Chelsea’s mum is said to be heavily sedated at the moment. There was mention of ‘heavily sedated’ or ‘heavy sedation’.

      With the mention of Sen. Jeff Sessions as AG, Stone’s ‘sources’ are saying Chelsea’s parents are consulting with their legal counsel. Should be interesting.

  2. November 20, 2016 at 10:39 am

    Late to the party and sorry.

    The Vince Foster thing is just further confirmation but still none of it can be sheeted home to them. Is their karma? Is there divine retribution?

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