UKIP – is it honesty, poison or just a deathwish?

Damn, had no intention of blogging this evening but this Diane James thing came up and someone here has to make some comment.

Two commenters at Breitbart:

#  Establishment smear tactics would have bounced off, had the party not let the dividers in. People with an anti-Ukip agenda are on the inside, leaking info, spreading bad news, rigging procedures and causing distrust. Soon it will be only them left, and Ukip will mean nothing to nobody.

On a lighter note, I encourage any Ukippers to go and help the by-election in Sleaford, Lincolnshire any time in the next two weeks. I’ll be going. The candidate for UKIP is Victoria Ayling and she is entirely clued up about Nuttall/Evans/Carswell/Hamilton etc and is very strong-willed. It will be Tory vs UKIP and the Tory is a closet Remainer in a 61% Leave constituency.

#  I really don’t know what’s up with UKIP. There is obviously a lot of poison that needs draining. This does not help the people of the UK who have been ill served by the mainstream parties.

Think what we’ve got here is quite a few open, honest and principled people [the 3.8 million], plus a bunch of establishment wormtongues close to HQ who want to wreck the party.

That Diane James turned out to be so spineless, that Woolfe turned out to be so bizarre, e.g. that altercation plus the putting in of the papers late, that Nuttall disappointed after being loyal for so long, that Nigel is off on his Trump jollies and eyeing a place in Westminster or a gong – none of this is good at a time when May, the sly cow, knows UKIP are now toothless and can prevaricate with impunity over her “interim” Brexit, safe in the knowledge that Carswell and Evans are in there doing their worst.

And one other thing:


The country is not impressed – well, 52% of us anyway.

3 comments for “UKIP – is it honesty, poison or just a deathwish?

  1. Judd
    November 21, 2016 at 9:30 pm

    Buggered if i know what to make of it all, just how many Trojans did they let in to add bums to seats.
    Without Farage in charge it’s a rudderless and captainless ship, and i too have grave feelings about what comes next.

    Too late for a new party to rise from the dust and i’m unsure at this moment whether they will ever recover as UKIP, and we need a strong UKIP more than ever.

    Ironic it will be indeed if its only Trump’s election that saves our Brexit at all, if Clinton had won we would be so up the proverbial creek sans paddle.

    • November 22, 2016 at 5:31 am

      It’s May’s sly arrogance, having nobbled UKIP, which is dismaying, now making bold about not implementing Brexit after all, she’d only been kidding all along.

  2. Hereward Unbowed.
    November 22, 2016 at 10:18 am

    I do not have any information on the goings on inside UKIP, all I can say from a concerned Brit and one who craves the enactment of the shove it up your arses vote on Jun 23 to be facilitated, surely UKIPs sad demise only plays into the remoaners-UK-Brussels establishment laps.

    It is the stuff of despair, and the CON’s conned us again.

    UKIP, when on the brink of a very major break through, Camoron and Osborne frightened people [as many as 2mill? maybe] into ignoring UKIP in favour of voting Tory [keep the scots nats out] and then he [camoron] lost the referendum jumped ship and we [British people] were dumped, done up, shanghaied into accepting a ‘new’ executive and where article 50 instead of being invoked on the 24th…………………………. was shunted into a siding and the long grass is overgrowing it.

    effin fooked and doubled down as our American cousins would put it.

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