The quietus

There’s such craziness going on in official circles out there now, the PTB having so redefined reality to mean what they wish it to mean and everyone from government to banksters to utilities companies to snowflakes to officials to councillors to anyone at all you must deal with meets you in his or her own space, with his or her own definition of what is, even if it does not accord in the least with 52% of the population and has come down from above.

We are caught by the short and curlies and cannot wriggle free. And yet, dotted about there are good people, even in government and one hopes to deal with those, such as this afternoon, when the government has its second little chat with me about matters they feel vital. Those who put in a little prayer last time on my behalf would be appreciated again.

It does focus the mind wonderfully on one aspect- that one single person can either destroy or maintain and rebuild. Looking at it more widely, obviously those in the western world with any brains hope the Donald can start that rebuilding process, plus Marine in April but as for our own lot – one really does despair. I mean, don’t wish to depress you or anything but look at this:


Why on earth would Scottish people vote for this ‘person’? One person standing in the way of Scotland – one solitary person. And every time she is stomped on, like a whackamole, she pops up again, saying something like: ‘Scotland is preparing to join the EU or Scotland is preparing for independence.’

And the media dutifully report every insane word she utters. So one person only holds the whole of Scotland and by extension, the UK, to ransom … entirely on her millennial whim. And there ain’t nuffin you nor I can do about her.

As for May – she now wants an ‘interim’ Brexit, eh? One looks at that and yet, there are clearly good people out there too:


We the people

Is this vid cruel and unnecessary, inaccurate?

Seems pretty accurate for those sucked into the global elite vortex, i.e. university students, snowflakes, SJWs, but perhaps there might be some at least who are sane. Sure they’re still inarticulate and innumerate due to their teachers but their hearts are in the right place.

It’s a starting point.

And if they can bypass the doctored texts the feminazis and other Alinsky lovers on the university staff give them and actually read more widely, then there is just a small chance society can come back, particularly if people like the Donald and Marine are at the head.

One hopes.