Inequality is vital for the health of the society

“What you want is a society where the genuine differences between people are free to manifest themselves.” [Professor Jordan Peterson, clinical psychologist and tenured professor of psychology at the University of Toronto]

Lord Somber cuts to the chase with a podcast further down, thankfully showing the two speakers in situ as well and it seems to me it’s what we’re all about.

People send things, sometimes email them – they are the lifeblood of blogging of any quality, the exchange of ideas in a Coffee House setting, this being the new Coffee House in society. And it’s also something of a Last Chance Hotel in stemming the tide of unthinking global leftism and countering with some sort of alt-right perspective.

Equality of opportunity is NOT equality of outcome. Equality of opportunity allows individual differences to play out without artificial coercion. [paraphrase of Jordan Peterson]

The reader here is one who drops in to see and hear what the latest fat-chewing is on the issues of the day and in more philosophical contexts – I see Dearieme, for example, at various sites and many others. This sort of thing is not just brain food, it is vital to civilization that it goes on. You’d expect a blogger to say that but I firmly believe that without this discourse and argument, the globalists would complete their mission, same as the old Bolshevik mission.

There is no point you just sending things to add to my own personal understanding [except for personal matters of course].

The whole point is that if it’s ideas, those ideas need to get out there, either under your name or anonymously. Getting the ideas out there is the mantra of this blog, whether we fully agree or not. Yesterday, Dearieme and I clashed over universal values – the vital thing is that both views were put, readers have sufficient brainpower to sort it out themselves.

“The thing about low resolution ideology is that it looks as if it encompasses everything … but it does not.” [Jordan Peterson]

One unfortunate thing for someone this side of the pond is that the Alex Jones approach – the gruff-voiced alpha male riding roughshod over his guest[s] from time to time – is not one we necessarily appreciate but when the hosts let the guests get a word in edgeways, it’s very good and more than that – vital. Because these hosts have reach and they get these ideas more widely disseminated worldwide and that can only be good.

“If there is no biological difference between men and women, then why do transgenders take hormones?” It’s insane.

I was thinking about this alt-right phenomenon and see it as very much a Gen X thing. Conservatives tend to be the well spoken, polite ladies and gentlemen and ladies of the Boomers and earlier, whereas this brash alt-right of the Vox Day, for example, is younger and far more Gen X. No matter, it’s all necessary.

A word if I may about the intellectual calibre of the podcasters, bloggers and the readers at this blog. While we have a smattering of what we might call top-drawer visiting us – the astrophysicists, the true intellectuals, the mathematicians, the philosophers – many fall into the category I’d include myself in which is hardly 3rd or 4th drawer nor sans-drawer and does have a robust IQ score across most fields, not all – but I’d not class it as top-drawer, rather it’s the category of “thinker”, in the way American Thinker operates.

To my mind, this is the most vital ideas category in society as it is from these Voltaires that the necessary curbs to globalist mindlessness will come in the approaching days.

Chaos ensues when you try to blow apart standard categories. They’re getting caught in their own metaphors.

Now to the video

It opens with some quite succinct things about Castro, the bastard, and his selling of victims’ blood, gets onto the mindless left and then gets into some excellent points about how striving to improve oneself is, by definition, promoting inequality … but a good inequality. And so it goes on.

It’s very long but if my opinion counts for anything, it’s pretty much required viewing for those of vaguely the mindset of this blog now. Naturally, just short of 3 hours can’t be done in one sitting, so you’ll need to sort that yourself. I’m doing it in ten minute bursts.

Good luck:

Via haiku, further reading about that bastard Castro and dysfunctional Cuba.