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Just learnt a lesson. Having only finished saying that I had no desire to write any overtly proselytising posts around Christmas time, along comes this from David Warren, via haiku, himself hardly a cardinal of the church. Methinks it’s best just to go with the flow and run what comes in.

Issue is this:

Father Mark A. Pilon’s piece in The Thing this morning (here) gives an unusually frank account of the mess Holy Church is now passing through, which (Warren opining now) may yet prove a blessing. Sometimes war offers the only way forward; or in this case, the “moral equivalent” thereto. There are acts — there could be acts even by a pope — that must be confronted and corrected. Surrender is not an option, when one has Christ’s own Church to defend, whether the enemy be from without or within.

In his refusal to reply to the Dubia of the happily-dubbed “Four Cardinals” — Walter Brandmüller, Raymond Burke, Carlo Caffarra, and Joachim Meisner — all learned, sober, and impressive men — Pope Francis has displayed a shocking insolence, a caudillo hauteur. His very job, as pontiff, is to uphold the teaching of Holy Church, never more needed than in a time like this, when it is taken frivolously. It is to end confusion.

In the five questions addressed to him – straightfoward, concise, and each answerable with a yea or a nay — he was requested to do that. These questions were not only about divorce and communion. They drew attention to five distinct points in Amoris Laetitia, at which a grave contradiction could be construed between what the pope was teaching, and what the Church has always taught.

You can follow that in more detail at David Warren’s site [linked above]

My message [the arrogance of the boy] to the Pope and his henchmen, plus to non-Catholic Christians and to the vast majority of readers non-religious or anti-religious, is the same as it’s always been, summed up by David Warren here:

A pope serves the Church, and not vice versa. He is servant of her servants. He is charged to defend the Faith, not to revise it. Beyond the specific issues, in which Bergoglio has toyed so coyly with doctrine and law, he has set an appalling precedent for his successors. It cannot be allowed to stand.

Yet all this may prove, in the long view which Christians strive to maintain, a blessing in disguise. We are coming to a juncture in which a glib, smarmy, and false account of Catholic Truth is widely accepted — even within the Church, where it is expressed in a slapdash liturgy. The parallels with the Arian crisis of the fourth century become ever more striking (see here).

Ditto with Welby. You take a set of precepts and commit to defending and propagating them. Many do not accept all or any of your points but those are still your points, they’re in black and white in, say, the KJV. Let’s say you were not the Pope nor the Anglican leader, let’s say you were Lenin – the principle still remains. You are the defender of that set of principles, unexpurgated for modern times, unapologetically defended.

You do NOT water them down for those opposed or to somehow make yourself more “relevant” and to virtue signal. What virtues would they be then? Your principles are either relevant … or they are not … there is no human action required by you in the matter, other than defending the clearly laid out principles.

In a similar way, Theresa May has a clear mandate from the people and an imperative to get us out of the EU right now. That she has wriggled like a worm on a hook, trying every which way to appease her Remoaner colleagues who crowned her PM is so bleedin’ obvious to all. She is a snake, if not a worm.

The Donald has a clear mandate to do as he promised his supporters and America.

The message is loud and clear to all leaders – do what you were bleedin-well appointed to do and do it NOW, nothing less. Show some spine.

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  1. December 5, 2016 at 12:15 pm

    The Church on Earth does seem to be having its troubles. Disturbances, ruckus, shaking of furniture, movement of people, a lot of shouting. What may be going on in Heaven is what worries me. Mobilisation?

    • December 5, 2016 at 11:00 pm

      We shall see soon enough.

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