So, There Is Some Common Sense Left..

The mother of a man who was killed at a level crossing is championing a campaign highlighting the risks of

Oh, oh! Here it comes. The demand for more measures to prevent drunks from killing themselves. The ‘If it saves one life!’ justifications…


excessive drinking near the railway.

Well, I’ll be damned! This is…rare. Very rare!

Now Mrs Compton is helping to launch the Keep a Clear Head campaign warning of the risks of excessive drinking on or near the railway.

She said: “He was just out enjoying himself just like any other Friday and I never ever expected for him not to come home. He made a stupid decision that night to cross through the railway barriers when they were down.

“I remember sitting in the visitors’ room at the hospital and the police came…They just said ‘he’s gone’.

“I don’t want anybody to go through this. Don’t get complacent and don’t think because you have an older child that they will do the right thing. If you do live near the railway crossing, just don’t take a chance.”

I salute you, Mrs Compton. So very unusual in this day and age.