The unreadable web

Glad this has now been written, as it’s starting to get me down something awful, a pain in the blinkin’ A, excuse my French.

All right, perhaps it’s just script-kiddies justifying their exorbitant salaries, passed on to us in tech equipment and packages but it does seem we are going completely backwards in providing a simple user experience that doesn’t put us through hoops.

The other day, I was reading something on-line and followed a link to one of the business sites.

The first thing to happen was a useless pop-up. I have a pop-up blocker, but many of them still slip past for some reason. After years of dealing with pop-ups, my mouse hand is trained to close the window on instinct. It is a reflex now.

I closed it only to have another open and I closed it. A minute reading the site, the screen goes dim and I get a message telling me that I am running an ad-blocker, along with a lecture about how that is mean.

I just closed the site and moved on. In fact, this has become my habit. If the site has any of this junk, I just close [it] and move on, to other things.

Amen brother and hallelujah. Our dear Chuckles, haiku and other peeples – they send maybe 50 emails a day at peak times and about 30 at others. They cannot be expected to see all that c**p that goes on within each site but now put yourself in my place – look at the number of posts put up at our place, then think about the editing required. Were it straight editing – piece of cake, not even worth mentioning.

But it’s no longer straight, is it? This is the real reason so much they send does not find its way into a post. Perhaps they’re expecting this attrition rate, don’t know. But if they direct me to a site and if this guff starts with the dimming screen, I’m out of there immediately, no matter how interesting the topic. Zero tolerance.

Ditto when they send cartoons or a series of pics. One of the nasty tricks [of site owners] is to have all pics as one pic, some 2000px to 3000px long. Stuff that. Yes, I have screen grab but no, I couldna be bothered, Jimmy.

Another which sends me round the twist is ads which follow you down the sidebars. Yes, I can do ad blocker but unfortunately, that also excludes information boxes and other goodies on any particular topic on that site.

And another is loud, blasting music or ads which start up, aurally, when entering a site – then you have to search round for the b***er. Now I just switch the sound off altogether.

Then come Google and the way the script-kiddies change it all around like in an ASDA store, every few days, just to bamboozle the customers and drag out their stay in the store. Then there is google search which proudly tells me where they think I am living, as if I’m going to be impressed with that. I look for where to switch it off and block it but can’t. Good thing it’s the wrong address. some things are useful.

On the other hand, one very nice feature is when I visit another blogger’s site and he has that egregious ‘Visitor from ..’ thing in the sidebar he thinks is so cool but I detest, it actually shows me coming from some strange places. One of the most popular has me in Cornwall and another in Scotland – let it be so, particularly as I’m not all that far from Manchester, by the canal.

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  1. December 17, 2016 at 12:47 am

    Then there is the heartwarming story that takes 15 pages of two lines per page plus an acre of adverts each page. Grrrrrr. I never get to feel the warmth.

    • December 17, 2016 at 6:47 pm

      And it’s getting worse.

  2. Brian, follower of Deornoth
    December 17, 2016 at 7:38 pm

    You could try using the Brave browser; it can be found here:-

    It doesn’t solve the problem completely but you do get a lot less aggravation.

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