The EU

Via Samizdata, the new HQ:



“Late, over-budget, wanting any sense of human proportion, labyrinthine, inaccessible, built to overawe: Here is the EU in glass and concrete.”

“Comfortable, accountable democracies do things on a human scale. Pyramids and ziggurats and soaring temples tend to be markers of extractive states”

“There’s a theory that you should sell your shares in any company whose headquarters become too ostentatious. An investor applying that dictum to the EU would be panicking now.”

Hope so, sincerely hope so. And the obscene amounts of money – ours, those of other European peoples? Just splashed about, as if there’s no tomorrow which, for the EU, is so. EU army?


What’s the word hovering about in the ether here, unspoken? ‘Insanity’. ‘Madness’. An organization in its death throes and like Hitler, dreaming up even more extravagant wastes of peoples lives and resources.

But it’s not just the madness of the unelected rulers and how they even got there through the collusion of traitors like Heath, it’s the madness of the 48%, which over there seems more like a small majority still:


Organized protests against the deportation of criminals from other lands. Protests?

[H/T Chuckles]