Maybe The RSPCA Should Handle Baby Adoptions..?

A cat breeder suffers ill health, neglects her animals, the RSPCA swoop:

Many of the cats had illnesses including flu and eye infections, with seven of them so sick they had to be put down by a vet.

The RSPCA has managed to re-home 30 of the remaining animals…

A drunken drung-addicted mother has a damaged child she doesn’t want or cannot look after, and social services… well, pass the buck to the unsuspecting. What else?

…some of their notes recording alcohol and drug use in the birth mother were found during that later assessment and came as news to Sarah and Ryan.

An earlier warning might have given them an opt-out then, rather than now, when — because they love William to bits — they cannot bear to give him up.

Both the Adoption UK boss Hugh Thornbery and Alan Burnell, the head of Family Futures, say this is a common complaint.

Burnell says: ‘I’ve heard it a lot, and I don’t think parents have been told the full story. I don’t think social workers fully understand the impact that past significant harm will have. They think good parenting is the solution to bad parenting.

It’s often said that we treat animals much better than children in this country. It’s hard to deny that, seeing these two stories side-by-side in the ‘Mail’ this morning…