Insiders’ analysis of presidential election — part 10

This series analyses the 2016 presidential campaign with recaps of Alex Jones Show interviews with Larry Nichols, a Clinton insider from Arkansas days, terminally ill with cancer, and Roger Stone, Trump insider and veteran of five presidential campaigns beginning in 1964. See parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 if you missed them.

Nichols co-created the 1994 film The Clinton Chronicles and Stone co-authored The Clintons’ War on Women, published in 2015.

This post covers interviews with Roger Stone after the first presidential debate and one with Michael Savage, who was taken off the air for several days at the end of September 2016.

Roger Stone talked to Alex Jones on September 28. Russia and WikiLeaks were the main subjects of the conversation.

Earlier that day, Congressman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) accused Stone of being in cahoots with Julian Assange and Russia. Nadler posed a series of questions to FBI director James Comey:

REP. JERROLD NADLER (D-NY): Let me talk about a case that may pose a current national security threat to the United States and ask you a few questions about that. In his earlier remarks, Mr. [John] Conyers [D-MI] referenced an August 30 letter from the ranking members of a number of House committees. That letter asked whether the FBI was investigating troubling connections between Trump campaign officials and Russian interests and whether they contributed to the illegal hacking of the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic National Campaign Committee. You’re familiar with that letter, I take it?

JAMES COMEY (FBI DIRECTOR): Yes, I’m familiar with the letter.

NADLER: I’d like to ask you a few questions. The letter said this and I quote. “On August 8, 2016, Roger Stone, a Donald Trump confidant, revealed that he has communicated with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange about the upcoming release of additional illegally hacked Democratic documents. Mr. Stone made these statements during a Republican campaign event while answering a question about a potential ‘October surprise.’”

Obviously if someone is stating publicly that he is in direct communication with the organization that obtained these illegally hacked documents, I assume the FBI would want to talk to that person. Has the FBI interviewed Roger Stone about his communications with Julian Assange or his knowledge of how WikiLeaks got these illegally obtained documents?

COMEY: I can’t comment on that.

NADLER: Mr. Stone stated that he has knowledge about upcoming leaks of additional illegally hacked documents. Has the FBI asked him about those communications?

COMEY: I also can’t comment on that.

NADLER: Because it’s an ongoing investigation?

COMEY: I don’t want to confirm whether there is or is not an investigation.

Stone said this was:

The new McCarthyism.

He told Jones he had no links that were ‘untoward or illegal’: none at all with Russia and only a few enquiries to Assange to discern what sort of information he had obtained.

Stone also said that if Nadler makes such accusations outside of congressional immunity, he would ‘sue his ass off’. He went on to point out that it was the Clintons who sold uranium concessions to the Russians and are making money off it. Furthermore, he said WikiLeaks stated Trump has no connections to Russia, although they have much evidence that the Clintons do.

Projection: Democrats accusing others of what they are guilty of themselves. Projection was the main weapon of this presidential campaign from the Clinton camp.

Stone wrote about the Democrats false accusations against him on October 21. In brief:

So let’s be clear. I had no advance notice of Wikileaks’ hacking of Podesta’s e-mails. I didn’t need it to know what Podesta has been up to. I do not work for any Russian interest. I have no Russian clients. I have never received a penny from any public or private entity or individual and that includes Russian intelligence. None. Nada. Zilch.

Near the end of his interview with Alex Jones, Stone said:

There are some very large events happening that are going to expose [the Clintons].

He also said that the Miss Universe controversy was ‘misinformation’, an orchestrated attack. I wrote about it on September 29. Miss Machado, representing Venezuela, was clearly overweight during her reign. Donald Trump owned the pageant at that time and was quite lenient with her. My post shows a video of him giving an interview at a gym while Machado cheerfully worked out in the background with a personal trainer. There was no animosity between Trump and Machado. In fact, they appeared friendly towards each other.

Stone said that Bill Clinton’s women, on the other hand, had real victim stories to tell:

They are all anxious to talk.

Some of them were in the media this year. Three of them appeared in the audience as Trump’s guests at the second debate.

Regarding Clinton scandals various, Stone stated that this fight doesn’t end after the election unless Trump wins. He will take care of it once he is in the White House:

That’s why I say lock her up. To be continued.

In July, news emerged that radio talk show host Michael Savage would be inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame on November 17:

at a ceremony in Chicago in the category of Spoken Word On-Air Personality.

“To me, this is the capstone of my life,” Savage said, “all my writing, all my speaking. This is it.”

However, even an accolade like that does not protect one from censorship. On September 26, he discussed Hillary Clinton’s health on his syndicated show, The Savage Nation. Some stations interfered with the audio. Others took it off air and substituted left-wing talk show programmes. He was off air for several days, during which time he gave no interviews.

The week before, he gave a frank interview to Alex Jones.

On terrorist attacks, he said that these were nothing new, therefore, Donald Trump and/or the ‘alt-right’ were not to blame.

On Obama, he said:

Is this not becoming a third world country?

On Hillary, he said:

I’m saying she’s worse. She’s going to change Obama’s policies in what way? Make them worse? … How are we going to uncouple this insanity?

On a certain rich man, he stated:

The man behind all of it is George Soros … He’s gutting the United States of America.


These monsters need to be stopped.

He went on to say that after the enemies of the state are killed, then it’s the useful idiots. It has happened throughout history: the French Revolution, the USSR, Cuba and so on.

He explained why he called his latest book Scorched Earth:

enemy armies are burning America’s pathways to survival.

Those pathways are the Internet, videos and anything else that communicates truth directly to the people:

Obama is not finished yet.

Should Trump win or Hillary:

falls off the stage … expect the worst to happen.

Later in Jones’s programme, David Knight said that Savage had told Jones in private conversation that he was concerned about being taken off the air: CBS (owners of Westwood One, which syndicates his show) told him to tone it down.

No doubt Savage will have an easier time come January 20.

On September 30, Stone spoke again to Jones.

Conversation covered the topics from the previous interview, but he did talk about Trump’s attitude towards drug possession. Stone said Trump disapproves of minimum mandatory sentences put into place in 1994 (by Bill Clinton).

They also talked about media manipulation during the presidential campaign:

The media are seeking to recast the results … I’ve never seen this current of bias in 40 years of politics.

Hillary’s health was also a topic. Why was she drinking water?

One of the side effects of Parkinson’s is drinking water.

Polls came up. Jones asked him if there were ‘closet Trump supporters’. Stone replied that he thought turnout would be uncertain on election day but the online polls were more accurate than those done by landline.

On October 3, Stone spoke again with Jones. At this time, a black man from Little Rock, Danney Williams, emerged saying he is Bill Clinton’s son. Williams appeared on Jones’s show and gave two press conferences before the election. (Stone put out a video on the subject earlier this year.)

Jones asked if WikiLeaks might provide any insight into that matter — or others. Speaking of Assange, Stone replied:

I have … every confidence he will deliver the payload.

The Podesta WikiLeaks were due to drop until Christmas, which was to reveal the most spectacular emails of all. They stopped on Election Day, giving way to endless speculation as to whether intelligence agencies had taken control of WikiLeaks.

On Assange, Stone mused that when he was anti-Bush the Left loved him. Now that he was exposing the Clintons, suddenly he had become a ‘Russian agent’.

Hillary had recently ridiculed Bernie Sanders‘s supporters as being ‘basement dwellers’. Some of them ended up joining Trump’s ‘deplorables’ at The_Donald.

On Hillary’s opponent, Stone said:

I’m scratching my head about Bernie Sanders. Now he seems to have become a lockstep Democrat. I thought he was a person of integrity.

Also around that time, someone had come up with a ‘Bill Clinton is a rapist’ tee shirt. Jones wanted to know more because he wanted to send that person $5,000. Stone said:

A young man, Anon, designed it. No one has heard from him yet. Sources in New York tell me he is fine [not in danger].

Stone ended by pointing out that more Americans were waking up to the falsehoods that Big Media are peddling. Thanks to WikiLeaks and alt-right sites:

too many are on to mainstream media.

On October 5, Stone told Jones that we might never discover the full truth about the Clintons or ‘the Deep State’.

He was annoyed that the Democrats were accusing Eric Trump of having Russian connections. Stone said Eric had no business dealings in Russia.

He also objected to what he called the ‘hijacking of conservative media’, pointing out that NewsMax and Fox News, both previously favourable to Republicans, were now in the Clinton camp.

He expressed his doubts about Newt Gingrich who has been on television continually, from the time of the campaign to the present.

The second presidential debate was looming. Stone had a message for Hillary’s campaign:

No one cares about Miss Venezuela.

The vice presidential debate took place on October 4. The viewers’ decision was unanimous. Even CNN said that Mike Pence won.

Stone couldn’t have been happier. Pence was ‘fantastic’, ‘terrific’. He also gave his long-time friend Paul Manafort credit for urging Trump to choose the Indiana governor. (Manafort was running Trump’s campaign at the time and left after the GOP convention in July.)

On October 5, Pence was campaigning in his opponent Tim Kaine’s state — Virginia. Pence tweeted:

We’re on the road, stopping in at Bar-B-Q Ranch in Harrisonburg, VA to grab one of their locally famous barbecue sandwiches.

This tweet from a New York Times reporter features a picture of said sandwich.

There was a time when Republicans were guaranteed to win Virginia. Not so this year or in the previous two contests. Obama changed the tide in 2008. I will be most interested to see what the next four years bring in that respect.

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