Hunting down Chelsea Pensioners

To be fair, Longrider had this up before I did this morning but we really all should post on it if we have blogs.

While we still have Sergeant Alexander Blackman churlishly not allowed home for Christmas on charges which have been strongly challenged anyway, now of course, they’re going after oldies who can’t fight back – so add cowardice to their crimes, the PTB.


Three years after the firefight, he was awarded a ‘certificate of appreciation’ by the commander of Northern Ireland operations, praising him for his ‘good service’ and ‘devotion to duty’.

But last night the decorated war hero said he had been ‘chased’ over the incident by detectives.

He is the first known Chelsea Pensioner to be targeted by detectives dragging up historical cases from the time of Troubles.

One can forgive the young millennial lass who was given the task of writing this at the Wail but to write that he is “terrified” is a gross insult to men of that era, of that calibre and it is sad that these millennials will not get to meet and speak with such people of that era. Terrified is accurate but facing up to that fear is the other part of it she could not know about.

As for the PTB, manifesting themselves through the police – what the hell do they think they’re up to hunting down members of HM forces for defending the country’s interests against IRA murderers? What sort of protection is there for any soldier, sailor, airman or marine? Or police for that matter, who are cravenly caving in to Muslim threats every day now and all sorts of crimes up and down the country are having blind eyes turned towards them.

Where are this nation’s protectors? Where have they all gone?

What, they’re meant to say, ‘Put down your weapons or I’ll speak to you about how badly you’re behaving? And if we can’t see eye to eye, then I’m going to have to point my weapon at you and if, after three chances, you still haven’t learnt, I shall fire over your head?’

There are two types doing these things – those with not a clue who have never been in a battle situation and the other type – Them, the PTB, the Common Purpose type thugs who are running things and think this is a good waste of public moneys to be indulging in – get ’em before they die off. Help ’em to die off.

This is how the nation wants to go into 2017, is it? This and some Brazilian woman holding the country to ransom with a ‘might sue again, might not’?

5 comments for “Hunting down Chelsea Pensioners

  1. John in cheshire
    December 31, 2016 at 4:55 pm

    The persecutors are despicable people but I suspect calling them that is like water off a duck’s back. They have no saving graces and all that one can do is pray they see themselves for what they are and come to Jesus, or disappear off the face of the earth.

    I think it’s possible that the coming year will see an acceleration of their organised persecution because in reality they are losing their grip on us and they’ll pull out every stop to retain their hold on the levers of power.

  2. Voice of Reason
    January 1, 2017 at 4:25 am

    As the son of a man who spent his penultimate tour in Londonderry in 1971, having previously served in 1945 Germany, 1949 Egypt, 1950 Cyprus and 1963 Aden, I am outraged and disgusted.

  3. January 1, 2017 at 8:19 am


  4. January 2, 2017 at 12:13 pm

    Yes, there are not too many in this country who are going to wear this sort of thing.

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