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We blog on how we don’t trust the media [and the same could apply to Twitter] and yet we keep going back to it, dipping into it and being outraged. Here’s a selection:


Yes, they may well be ‘storming’ the fence but that fence is in Africa, so what else would they be doing? There’s certainly a desire in high places [those controlling the media] to whip up this anti-immigrant feeling but at the same time, there is good reason. Both are true at the same time.

OK, this one below – I watched the clip, which had three or so smashing the windows, then it panned back to a baying crowd. I tweeted that the crowd did nothing but stand back and bay, they did not ‘storm’ the shop at all. The crowd were cowardly and that’s why govt and the PTB are getting away with it, for example people continuing to vote Merkel back in.


This below is dem nasty Mussers again, and there is real concern for Christians and Jews in these lands, but this below is just provocative. What, in the middle of Istanbul? What do they expect?


Particularly as this poster below has been spread around Istanbul for our festive season:


Tim Newman’s take on Turkey just now is here.

So there is most certainly a stirring up of hatred by the PTB, the henchmen and legion of lackeys. Meanwhile, people who should speak out, like Welby, do nuffink. It falls to Tommy to do it:


Now onto the part which readers of my posts do not like one bit, when I start on young women – the chivalry comes out but I ask the question – where is this girl’s father? Why are these kids allowed to go out in the night by themselves and end up like this?

And part of the answer is that the families have no father – the women have given them the shove or else the men they had the child with are so feckless they ran the moment they knew a kid was on the way.

This is the youth we wish to see growing up, is it?


And why is this snowflake with a megaphone not at work?


Which comes to the point the feminists hate anyone saying – these are not adults, not in the least. They can’t cope with anything. Where are their parents? Do you hear the words ‘abrogation of responsibility’ hovering around anywhere?


Meanwhile, the attempt to turn women into something I can’t describe. I retweeted this, asking – is it a woman or a man, expecting a firestorm and all I got back was a chorus of agreement, in terms I can’t reprint. So it’s not me alone who is thinking along these lines.


Finally, on a more amusing note, the Welsh blogger captioned this – what’s an English Kingfisher doing coming over to our land, not even knowing the language?


3 comments for “Around the media

  1. Robert the Biker
    January 2, 2017 at 5:48 pm

    Well…those ‘migrants’ (who attacked police and border guards, blinding one in one eye) are only technically in Africa; they are storming the fence at Ceuta, so once over it, they are in Spanish territory and therefore in the EU.
    Time for machine guns and free fire zones, unless of course you WANT our countries to be buried under a horde of unassimillable (?) stone age baboons.

    • January 2, 2017 at 8:13 pm

      Think the most the PTB will accept for now are fences.

      • Robert the Biker
        January 3, 2017 at 7:49 pm

        OK, say triple concertina, twenty foot high with electrified inner layer.
        Oh, and dogs… great big mean fuck-directly-off dogs!

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