They Are All Angels, I Won’t Have A Word Said Against Them…

The court heard how Mr Huseyin had been taken to intensive care following a successful heart bypass operation on May 6 2014.

The surgery had been straightforward and without complication and he had been transferred to the unit to recover, a jury heard.

Hurrah! A success story for the NHS.

But not so fast. He survived the surgery, but he couldn’t survive the ‘aftercare’:

He died the next evening after a number of errors on Ledesma’s part saw her choose the wrong blood from a vending style machine when the patient required a blood transfusion, and go on to check it against the wrong computer records.

She initially tried to pass off the error as being a colleague’s mistake and only when questioned further did she admit to being distracted and flustered when checking the patient details, police said.


Detective Chief Inspector Graeme Gwyn, of the Homicide and Major Crime Command, said: “This was a difficult and tragic case for all involved. Our sympathies continue to remain with the family of Ali Huseyin and I hope today’s verdict will bring some comfort after what as been an incredibly difficult time for them.”

Well, we’ll see. Because she’s not been sentenced yet.

She was bailed to appear for sentencing on February 9 next year.

Any takers on a custodial?

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