Gen Z are the real snowflakes, not the Millennials


Via haiku, a Millennial commenter on the vid further down the page here:

I was with him until he said it’s not our fault. The BIGGEST problem with my generation is not taking responsibility for themselves and their actions as young adults.

If the man in the vid did say that, then it is a worry, absolving Millennials from all blame. Anyway, that comes up later. Before that, I’d like to examine something else he said – his view on where generations start and end.

He says the Millennials are ’84 onwards [a 32-34 year span]. All right, let’s look at some scenarios.

A Boomer of ’46 who had an early child at, say, 16, makes that child’s birth 1962 [late Boomer/early Gen X]. A very late Boomer of 1964 with a child when she’s 32, means that that child was born 1996 [late Millennial].

And agreed – there is your 32-34 year span for one complete generation, just as Christmas lasts 48 hours around the world, not 24.

The error is in trying to see those bookends as the definers of the generation. A more usual, more accurate way is to describe the middle few years of generations because certain things do characterize the majority in that range.

Boomer kids did have the Beatles and the Stones, they were rebellious, at least in mind, but still became suits when they grew up, they were still well educated but were starting to drop out – ‘we don’t need no ejukashun’.

Gen X are far more likely to say fuck in public and on blogs and might have an earring and a tatt, they lived at home longer than the Boomers and embraced the internet age, they were far less well educated but still knew some things. They detest Boomers today and thus, in the media, there is constant Boomer bashing.

It’s vague, granted, but not wholly inaccurate.

And the Elvises and Jerry Lee Lewises? They weren’t Boomers at all – they were before that – theirs was the era of Jive and the Rockers, as well as the crooners and Drifters. Look at Woodstock [1969] – the 20 year olds there were 1949 born – very early Boomer but the 30 year olds were pre-Boomer.

If we accept a rough demarcation of:

Boomers 1946-1964
Gen X 1962-1980
Millennials 1978-1996

… then it follows that the next generation, call them Z, are 1994-2012 and therefore, there is yet another generation already being born now – they are the toddlers you see out and about with mothers, often little monsters [the kids too]. There’s no designation as yet.


So, a whole generation has slipped through unnoticed – Z – and Millennials are being blamed for things they are not. The snowflakes in the pics are Z, not Millennials.

Who are the parents of these snowflakes? Well, if one of those lasses was born in 1998, she is not a Millennial – she is a Z. Her mummy was perhaps born in 1973, that is – Gen X.

Z are pretty well the kids of Gen X, Millennials are pretty well the kids of Boomers.

And the new toddlers now? They are the children of Millennials.

The age gap

Looking at acceptable age gaps, given the Donald and so many others in the public eye, there’s a rule called “divide by two and add seven” which, IMHO, is not a bad guide.

According to that rule, if you’re a Boomer of, say, 60 years of age now, then the youngest partner you should be looking at dalliance with should be 37. The Donald is 70, so his youngest partner should be 42. Melania is 46, so she’s comfortably within that range.

Turning it the other way, take a current day filly, a snowflake of 20 – the oldest man who should be looking at her as a partner is 26. In other words, the younger the people are, the narrower the range. Therefore an older person has a greater pool size.

Looking at it more broadly, from the perspective of generations, there is a rule of thumb which says you can dip into the next [oblique] generation but not the one after it, as the one after it is your children’s generation.

Thus, a Boomer whose children are Millennials, is Ok looking at a Gen X to play hospitals with. And the oldest partner a snowflake should have is an early Millennial. Food for thought. 🙂


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  1. Errol
    January 3, 2017 at 9:24 pm

    According to this though, I’m a late gen X’er.

    I dislike swearing – verbally or on paper. I wasted my education – well, better I didn’t get the best from it as I was bullied through it all. Tattoos are unpleasant scarification. Perhaps I’m odd. I also don’t bash boomers. I would like my parents to recognise that houses no longer cost £5000 though.

    I do know a lot of younger people – mid 20’s – who are difficult to deal with, who are brash and crass but equally are not remotely informed of the world around them. They are ignorant and crude in their thoughts because they’ve never actually *thought*.

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