It’s Enough To Warm The Cockles Of Your Heart

Hospital bosses in the Bradford district have admitted they cannot control smoking in their grounds in the face of a new Government directive calling for a blanket ban to be enforced.

Seems reasonable. It’s all very well to have ambitions, but without capacity, they are doomed to failure.

A Bradford Hospitals spokesman said: “We operate a complete smoking ban – on cigarettes and e-cigarettes – inside all of our hospital buildings and we endeavour to keep all areas around our hospitals smoke-free but the problem with smokers, especially around our entrances, continues to give us cause for concern.

“Following consultation with key stakeholders we took the decision to reinstate smoking shelters in a positive effort to control tobacco smoking within our estate.

“We would prefer to be a completely smoke-free site but this is a pragmatic response to the challenge of policing the smoking ban, and by allowing people who must smoke to do so in a controlled area, we are protecting non-smokers from the dangers of second-hand smoke.

“However we would take this opportunity to call on smokers – particularly patients and visitors who continue to flout our policy – to refrain from smoking when on our grounds.

“Our clear desire is that patients and visitors are afforded a smoke-free, healthy and safe environment in which to receive care.

“We remain committed to protecting and improving the health of our staff, patients and visitors and all of our patients are encouraged to stop smoking before planned admission to our hospitals.”

“…but we’ve realised that we can’t actually stop them.”

Enforcing the ban has also led to complaints to unions by some frontline staff unhappy that they were being expected to do so.

Quite! They join the NHS to help patients read ‘Heat’ magazine and scoff chocolates while granny dehydrates to death, not enforce the whims of idiots.

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  1. January 4, 2017 at 10:34 am


    I hate to speak out in favour of the Bradford NHS bunch, but they have just realised that the average IQ of the alleged ‘patients’ is fast approaching double figures.

    They are installing shelters so that there is a distinct probability of cross-infecting those in close proximity with some deadly infection, or a more painful form of cancer than they would normally achieve from their suicidal disease-ridden habit; so they can all die off quicker than they normally would; thus removing their stupidity from the gene pool forever.

  2. Errol
    January 4, 2017 at 7:54 pm

    Fundamentally my thinking is always the freedom of the individual to act as they wish to. However, that freedom stops when it impunges upon the rights of others. If smokers want to smoke, they can do so in side a bowl they place over their head and remain within until the smoke disipates.

  3. January 4, 2017 at 11:44 pm

    Thank you, Julia, for that news.

    It is sensible to reinstate smoking shelters. Hospital visits — for patients or friends and family — are highly stressful. Working in a hospital must be very difficult. An occasional cigarette will be a more helpful and a healthier remedy than an anti-depressant.

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