The PC PTB spin yet another emotional narrative …

No, no, no, no, no!

Right, where to start on this? Amfortas is not particularly interested in Aussie Rules football and neither are you. This is not about football, it is about the whole PC industry today and the wrong-thinking.

He mentions this bozo:


The incident was actually a 13 year old girl and she did shout out a ‘waycist’ statement at him from the boundary line. He stopped playing, went over and berated her, turning any sympathy that might have been directed his way back to the girl.

Some games later, his mate went over to the boundary line, this time unprovoked, and started waving a mock spear at the crowd in a war dance. Yeah, guaranteed to get the crowd onside, that.

The critical point was why the girl had even done that.

I’d say because the parents had done that.

And why had the parents done that?

Because that bastard Goodes had won the Australian Sportsman of the Year Award or whatever, the narrative was in full flow – only blacks or women get these things – and was he appreciative?

Did he make a conciliatory and all-embracing speech?

Did he hell – he told all of white Australia [immigrants ‘n all] to remember whose land it was.

F you, Goodes, said so many. Your ancestors were into just as much oppression and bloodletting, as each successive tribe overtook the last but the PTB has doctored the history books, haven’t they? Truth is – the whites in 1788 were just the last of a long line but unfortunately, a vastly different lot. The rest we know.

That’s history, s*** happens! Things change. Yes, there were things the C18th century people did – they did it to the poor over here too, what with the prison hulks etc. But do we moan every day?

Leaving that aside, the moaning, one could accept that, as one can with the Hillsborough survivors and descendants, but they didn’t stop there. The left, the globalists and their deep captured media got right behind this ‘diversity’ issue and pumped taxpayer money into aboriginal coffers, held national ‘sorry’ days and other rubbish like that and it all became so chic, so fashionable, darling, to sport aboriginal flag gear … and so on.

As if the aboriginals were ever one people instead of the warring tribes they were. As if the vast tracts of land with the mineral $$$$$$ s were tribal lands and you have to pay, whitey, if you want to visit.

This then fell, nationwide, along the same lines as Leave and Remoaners – 52-48, only in Oz, I’d say it was the other way round, hence all the Labour governments. So around half are right into all this luvvy-duvvy apologize for being oneself and the other half, seen in figures such as journalist Andrew Bolt, say get a grip and stop telling lies.

And that was the context in which that girl made those comments. Sure she should not have but it was not as if there were no reason behind it, no precedent.

What resulted was a campaign of booing of Goodes at every match he subsequently appeared in, which eventually drove him from the game and good riddance.

And of course, who was saying that those booing were a bunch of ‘far-right’ loons, ‘waycists’ in fact? That they were just a few isolated thugs and the forces of State would seek them out and crush them? To protect ‘ordinary’ Australians, of course.


Except that that isolated few were not – they actually represented around half of Australians who had to stay silent because the State would prosecute them. Sound familiar, Brits/ Europeans? Americans?

And so to today. I thought I’d check in on the AFL, to see what was happening and there was this:


Now, even before I started reading, it looked very, very suss. Hird, for those over here who don’t know, was the former club captain and coach who was in charge of the club during its doping scandal, resulting in the club being prevented from playing finals and going into decline for a couple of years due to banned players.

There is a secondary issue and that is WADA and ASADA and the way they went after the players, making grave errors and just going Brazilian electrician/Cressida Dick at the whole club, which turned sympathy back to the club and players.

And unfortunately, to Hird.

He tried to sue a few times about his damaged reputation but the problem was – it was deserved. Whether he had actually jabbed the syringes into the players or had just Richard Nixon known about it, didn’t matter – it happened on his watch and the buck stopped etc.

Now, I’d only read one paragraph of the AFL article – they’re usually behind wrong choices – and it went:

JAMES Hird’s wife Tania has issued a short statement in the wake of his health scare, thanking the public for its support and pleading for privacy.

Essendon has also thrown its support behind its former coach, who was hospitalised on Wednesday night and continues to receive care elsewhere.

Then I read down, waiting for the statement about cancer, about some debilitating thing, about his wife leaving him, about anything.

And nowhere in the article did they say – they carefully avoided it in the same way that over here, they always avoid mentioning Muslim names in atrocities.

So I’m now highly suspicious – this is a BS ‘mental health’ thing, innit? He’s playing for sympathy and what’s worse, the PTB and that half of Australia are ‘getting behind him’ in outpourings of emotion.

And the other half, including me over here and I’d say many of you?

Oh, we’re waycist, misogynist far-right thugs, aren’t we? We don’t buy this s*** in the least.