The worst is over….

With the Forth road bridge closed, with gale-force and more winds striking a fair length of our countryside, chaos is reported in many areas.

We have suffered tremendous damage; fortunately no-one has been badly injured: but our vow is simple:-

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  1. Hereward Unbowed.
    January 11, 2017 at 8:33 pm

    Yon pillock, crossing the Forth road bridge, what is it about common sense, it’s not common that’s what.

    Looking at the pictures of an empty truck being towed off the bridge, now they could have unladen said vehicle true but my guess is, the geezer driving the lorry thought he could get away with crossing the bridge in an empty ‘rig’, ie no freight.

    If you’ve ever crossed a bridge in fairly high winds, even with driving a vehicle with a sleek aerodynamic frame to say the least can be challenging. Wind gusts can wrench your hands at the wheel steering it for you and you feel the force of the wind – literally. In a 50’er high sided vehicle as they are so fond of naming them these days, in storm force winds, then, if you’re daft enough to try it, you take your life into your hands.

    Apart from the above dullard, reports are that, everything is holding steady Mike, roger to all that.

    Though God knows what will happen, when some really bad stuff blows in……………a polar vortex blocking high and north easterly winds as it was once called and coming our way soon, perhaps?

    beeb get into gear and it’s: “severe Boreal cold = man made global warming!”

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