It’s National Snog a Ginger Day today

Reminder: there is a party this evening in Central London to celebrate this.

The venue is the White Bear in London’s Farringdon area. Last year over 120 redheads and ginger enthusiasts attended and we hope to see even more of you gorgeous redheads and gingerphiles this year.

In 2015, I ran a post on Gingers:


Two comments were:

Patrick Harris, September 15:

That’s because they are all virgins, in order to get my end away I had to dye my hair, sometimes 5 or 6 times a night.

Pavlov’s Cat, September 15:

I have noticed that Ginger people are to use the phrase ‘Hideously White’ I believe this is racism and am willing to set up a charity to combat this about £5 mio should be a start, we can work out everybody else’s salaries later.


With Harry attending the ginger wedding the other day, it was time for another wind-up:

… at which Distant Relative wrote:

Ahem! *cough* Only a Ginger can call another Ginger “ginger”!

… an omen methinks we both took too lightly, me by posting all in orange and including many photos of gingers:

… again taking the threat far too lightly. For example, I wrote:

One of the most cruel jibes is that these gorgeous creatures steal souls – I mean, how ridiculous, I can’t wait to get entangled with this double trouble delight:


Also suggesting reading material for gingers:



And favourite foodstuffs:


So, naively thinking I could get away with this, in I went to town this morning to the supermarket and a few of the girls know me there, of whom many are gingers.

One of the lasses left off her conversation with her brunette mate and came straight at me at the checkout – this is no BS, reader, it happened exactly like this – looked me in the eye and said:

“Are you aware this is National Kiss a Ginger Day?”


Gulp. There I was, being watched and I was my age and she was hers and it did not seem a great idea in these days of Savile, Polanski and Rolf Harris, plus one other BIG, BIG thing – what if it’s all true?

I mean, what if she really was going to steal my soul?

Anyway, I thought it was all BS until getting home and checking it out:

kiss a ginger

Stupid me – could have had a free snog today. So, my advice to all you boys [and vice -versa] is that there are still some hours to go – get to it and snog as many gingers as you can!

Meanwhile, in this clip below, watch the very last second where she finally captures his soul:

And you tell me it’s just an urban legend?

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    • January 13, 2017 at 10:18 am

      What a berko.

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