What Peegate says about Them

richard kemp on peegate

“Unless wanted to.” Like Comey and the FBI.

Chuckles on the matter:

As I understand it, most of the US media seems to have backed away from the ‘get Trump’ narrative and agree that they were pwned by 4chan? To the extent of CNN distancing themselves from Buzzfeed, and criticising their decision to publish.

Yet in the UK, the media is pushing the narrative full tilt, as though it were true? Going on a full bore media feeding frenzy.



I find this strange, given the libel litigation friendly UK environment vs the totally inverse US one?

There are the obvious pieces in this puzzle and then there are the missing pieces which were over in the corner but no one wants to know about them, even though they put it all in perspective.

One obvious one – the Ann Frank Institute wants a public apology from Trump over his likening of this Peegate to Nazism. Really? A Big Lie peddled as truth and repeated through the State organs of dissemination, that is the MSM? Sounds pretty Nazi to me.

But the Nazis, like Isis, were just the end product of the real malcontents – Them. My blog and many others have, for years, brought evidence of a whole different government to the one we imagine. The Left get close to it by looking at its financial side – the banksters and the Old Money in Europe and on the eastern seaboard of the US.

But there are the other sides too, including spiritual and that’s where the Shamballa [eco-greenie], Thule [Nazism], Theosophy [UN and other governing bodies], Masonry higher echelons [not the blue degrees], Black Nobility and so on come in – there is no atheistic absence of religion – there is the breaking down and extermination of Judaism and Christianity, to be replaced by the dark mystery religions.

As Svali [HJ Springer, interviewer, Chief Editor CentrExNews.com. 2000] said in general in the 2000 Canadian interview [she had been on the ‘training’ side – see CIA/Bourne in fictional depiction] but it could be applied here:

Q: I just find it amazing that this sort of topic gets next to no press attention, considering the amount of evidence available.

A: Here is where I will sound really, really cynical. I’m not surprised, because [Their] leadership often boast that their best protection is that no one would believe what was happening. They also have their own media blitz campaign, one that is pretty effective. For example, a reporter with the initials M. S., who wrote articles on Ritual Abuse and Mind Control in the San Diego Union-Tribune, was a member of Them. His articles have almost a patent formula.

Q: But with the evidence out there, why aren’t more people concerned about [Them]?

A: Because they simply can’t, won’t believe that this is happening.

This is also my primary defence and the reason I continue blogging freely – no one will believe the half of what I write, therefore I’m no threat to anyone.

Remember that this was in 2000, before blogging had taken off in any real way, before there was anything much online for the average person. There was just the MSM – national and regional – and the only way to get anything out was via Letters to the Editor.

Also, in 2017, it’s about time people woke up about the occult side to all this – rationalists pooh pooh it and fling around ‘tinfoil hat’ jibes but still it does not go away:

I was taught that [They] had [their] roots in the ancient practices that reach into the beginning of recorded time; that the Babylonians on the plains created ziggurats to their deities, whom [they] worship. They were proud of the fact that it was supposedly an unbroken occult line from then until now. The names changed, the basic group was the same.

None of this Comey and Peegate guff would have gone mainstream if Trump had not been going for Pres and if the internet did not exist. We have a situation where a reader is far enough along to realize that there really is something in it all … and those not there yet. But we could equally have said that about the things Trump is exposing now.


Russia was never really a threat to us. Marxism was funded by [Them], and espoused as a counterbalance to capitalism. [Them] believe strongly in balancing opposing forces, in the pull between opposites. They see history as a complex chess game, and they will fund one side, then another, while ultimately out of the chaos and division, they are laughing because they are ultimately beyond political parties.

Now if you do not know what ‘balancing opposing forces’ signifies, then you also do not know about dualism and who owns that particular philosophy – the one the Bushes [allegedly] go by.

Isn’t it also interesting, as pointed out by [I think it was] Ann Coulter or similar yesterday that the Left are apparently backing the CIA/NATO and war, whilst the new Right are backing detente and everyone getting along [but from a position of strength].

There are many implications but one good aspect so far – no one on the 52% side believes the MSM any more and that’s great.

And the more this goes on:

biden given medal

… prizes for all among the corrupted, debasing and peeing on the highest institutions and awards, the more the public see the utter lawlessness of these crooks. They have zero respect for the Constitution, for things like the Congressional Medal of Honour, for anything. It’s all cheap and tawdry in their world.

If I could bring in a wild analogy now – Doctor Who. Some will point out that it was always tacky – maybe – but now it is just a political vehicle. Davies and Moffat, especially the latter, were handed this plaything – cf. to America’s playthings, e.g. the Constitution and courts – no one had a say in it, and then they made it whatever they wanted. The barbarians were in the citadel.

That’s the swamp which needs draining but that swamp has seeped into everything. My interest in all this, though political, is also aesthetic. That is, I’m primarily concerned about what these barbarians have done to aesthetics, to people’s concepts of what is classy and what is not. The great artworks and sculpture, the great architecture vs Hirst’s pregnant teen, Emin’s bed or that monstrosity on the hill at Gateshead, or all the plastic wind things blotting the landscape – it’s like Tolkien’s last book in the Rings where Starkey has cut down the Big Tree, old buildings are destroyed and barracks put up in their place.

Look across London now and you see Starkey’s Hobbiton. There is really an element of peeing on class, on all that is good, not unlike senior Masons peeing on the cross as a test. Thus the whole idea of Trump having prostitutes peeing on a bed, unless he is indeed one of the enemy – that idea is very, very old. Look at the prostitute placed on the altar of Notre Dame and the bloody revolution which followed once it was hijacked by Them.

Same motif over and over and over. Atonalism in music – same thing. It’s pissing on anything noble achieved by Man.

Commenter Dearieme wrote:

I regret to say that I fear that THEY will shoot him. Shooting JFK didn’t much matter, and anyway nobody knows who (if anyone) was behind Lee Harvey Oswald. But this time it would be very different: the end of any claim that they have a constitutional republic.

If he is indeed a good man, then they will remove him. If not, if he’s one of Them, then that will show too.

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  1. Hereward Unbowed.
    January 13, 2017 at 4:27 pm

    Divide and the conquered will remain just that, ‘conquered’.

    The most cohesive, the most moody, the most belligerent, the most savvy, the once most innovative, steadfast, honest, caring, societies on earth were the English, alongside our Celtic cousins [the genealogy is not so dissimilar]. Britain had to be destroyed, we were always a major threat and so it has been done, almost.

    I don’t think that they can pull all the levers, though, they do pull most of them – ref: see the major clients of Goldman Sachs. Alas, it is not a surprise to note that, as the crash was happening all about them in 2007/8 – the Goldman Sachs ghouls made $billions and were hedging against their shall we call them those ‘least important customers’ – talk about taking the piss.

    We don’t owe them jack shit, and we do owe them a broadside or three.

    • January 13, 2017 at 8:20 pm

      A broadsword even.

      • Hereward Unbowed.
        January 13, 2017 at 9:19 pm

        I couldn’t make my mind up, broadsword would do just as well and up close and personal too.

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