Insiders’ analysis of presidential election — part 14

This series analyses the 2016 presidential campaign with recaps of Alex Jones Show interviews with Larry Nichols, a Clinton insider from Arkansas days, terminally ill with cancer, and Roger Stone, Trump insider and veteran of five presidential campaigns beginning in 1964. See parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 if you missed them.

Nichols co-created the 1994 film The Clinton Chronicles and Stone co-authored The Clintons’ War on Women, published in 2015.

The final three posts, of which today’s is one, feature interview highlights with a former White House cook and a retired Secret Service agent.

Today’s concerns Tracey Martin, the Clintons’ travel chef during the 1990s. He spoke to Alex Jones on October 18. Jones did not get the negative fallout from his interview that Buffalo, NY radio host Tom Bauerle did when he spoke with Martin on air:

“After former White house travel chef Tracey Martin came on my show in July and confirmed the real Hillary Clinton is a racist scum”, his cell phone was hacked. Hours after Hillary’s acceptance speech, “one of my loved ones’ cell phones was called from the Dem convention from a number on the Wikileaks document dump. You can hear voices in the background talking about the candidate.  Now, every single electronic I own has been hacked and even friends are being hacked. I am in electronics hell,” Bauerle told CFP. (Canada Free Press: DNC intimidation of Tom Bauerle loved ones exposed by Wikileaks, August 11, 2016)

You can listen to Jones’s interview with Martin in full here.

It wasn’t only the Clintons who had a low view of White House staff. Martin said that he and his colleagues also heard some of America’s most famous dignitaries — including the Kennedy clan — refer to them as:

small people.

Martin said that he felt:

a moral obligation as a taxpayer

to tell his story about Hillary Clinton, who was no stranger to using the ‘n’ word in speech and in writing.

He said that Hillary never thanked the kitchen staff, including him, unless the press were present.

Martin described a private tea at the Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center in Washington, DC, where he, Bernadette Chirac and Hillary were enjoying a spot of conversation. A kitchen staff member:

brought in something and it did not please her.

Hillary used the ‘n’ word quite openly about the staff member in front of him and Mrs Chirac.

He said she also wrote notes containing the word.

Of Billary, he said:

They’re really terrible people.

He was heartened to see that the WikiLeaks drops which were going on at that time proved what he had seen and heard two decades ago: say one thing and do another. It was not uncommon for Martin to see on paper or hear Hillary’s words:

‘Tell that [‘n’]’ or ‘that b-tch’ …

He said the couple had:

a condescending attitude.

He also recalled that Hillary had a poor opinion of Hispanics. While he had not heard any of this himself, his colleagues told him that the then-first lady voiced her opinion that Hispanics had funny accents and couldn’t do anything right.


They’re not a couple [but] a money machine.

The overriding message that he and his colleagues recall was:

Don’t forget you’re working for the Clintons.

He said the couple have:

a sense of self-entitlement … They really believe that.

Martin told Jones:

She thinks she is above and beyond everyone.

He objected to the way she treats people. She ‘downgrades them’ with a ‘demanding attitude’.

Martin said he left the Clintons’ employ around the time the Lewinsky scandal broke. He found it ironic that the couple made a point of going to church every Sunday:

high and mighty.

On October 14, Dolly Kyle, a former Clinton sweetheart who knew Bill before he got married, told Jones how shocked she was to meet Hillary for the first time in Arkansas. She had a stench about her:

Jones couldn’t help asking Martin if he noticed the first lady had an odd smell. Martin said he never got close enough to find out.

However, he warned listeners that public figures are very different behind the scenes than they are in public.

He concluded the interview by saying that if Hillary were elected, Americans would see a third term of Obama policies with Bill as co-president.

I don’t doubt it for a moment.

Billary will be attending the inauguration on Friday, January 20. Right now, they can’t seem to stay away from the streets surrounding Trump Tower. On January 12, the New York Post‘s Page Six reported:

The former presidential hopeful and Bill were spotted dining at the Polo Bar (all of 100 yards from Trump’s HQ at Fifth Avenue and 56th Street) last month.

On Wednesday, Page Six spies saw the pair dining at upscale Greek spot Milos — again just a block from Trump Tower, where former opponent Donald Trump is preparing to take office next week.

Trump supporters are very concerned about his safety and that of his family on Friday. Let us hope and pray that all goes well. This is the first time America will have a president who vows to destroy the globalist system. The stakes — and the physical risks involved — are sky high.

If something happens to Trump and Pence, Paul Ryan, the GOPe Speaker of the House, becomes president. Heaven forbid. This week Ryan spoke out against Trump’s proposed ban on lobbyists. After all, he said, perhaps lobbyists could help cure cancer. Ryan also said he could no longer support Trump after the 2005 Billy Bush tape emerged in October.

Ryan’s words do not reflect personal piety or high minded ethics. He is there to preserve the globalist system and all that it entails. Let us hope that he fails epically.


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  1. January 14, 2017 at 3:41 pm

    Hillary used the ‘n’ word quite openly about the staff member in front of him and Mrs Chirac.

    Well of course.

    • January 15, 2017 at 12:11 am

      Well, I did not know that.

      This was before the Internet — and possibly before The Drudge Report — was widespread.

      It wasn’t until last year that I discovered Americans didn’t know about Bill’s ‘bimbo eruption’, about which there was a US blackout.

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