Insiders’ analysis of presidential election — part 16 — conclusion

This series analyses the 2016 presidential campaign with recaps of Alex Jones Show interviews with Larry Nichols, a Clinton insider from Arkansas days, terminally ill with cancer, and Roger Stone, Trump insider and veteran of five presidential campaigns beginning in 1964. See parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 if you missed them.

Nichols co-created the 1994 film The Clinton Chronicles and Stone co-authored The Clintons’ War on Women, published in 2015.

Part 14 featured former White House travel chef Tracey Martin.

Part 15 summarised the first of two interviews Jones had with former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne, author of Crisis of Character, which is about his time in the Secret Service and serving the Clinton family in the White House. The book went on sale on June 28, 2016.

On October 17, Jones interviewed Byrne again. Roger Stone came on afterwards.

At this point, it was unclear whether Donald Trump would be able to win on November 8. Big Media continued their all out narrative assault on him and ramped it up in the final weeks.

Byrne told Jones that Hillary Clinton is:

completely incompetent.

He said that everything Americans hear from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary is a lie, including polling.

He talked again about his former colleague whom she assaulted in the White House. He said that there is:

clearly something wrong with her … [hitting] a Secret Service agent in the back of the head with a Bible — bone crazy.

Jones had spoken with Dolly Kyle, one of Bill Clinton’s ex-girlfriends, a few days before and mentioned that she said Hillary sees the military as an enemy. Byrne fully agreed.

Byrne regretted that the Clintons were able to bring their Arkansas ‘show’ to the White House in 1993. However, he said their scandals are a true reflection of what they are really about.

He told Jones that the people who most live in fear of Hillary are her employees. They are terrified. He emphasised that the Hillary they know is not the person we see on television. Her staff have seen things happen first hand or have heard rumours that something bad will happen to them. He said that what happened to young DNC employee Seth Rich in July 2016 scares them.

Byrne said that the WikiLeaks email to John Podesta wherein someone mentions a dumb, compliant American citizenry accurately reflects Hillary’s thinking, too. He said that she also wanted other people’s money. He added that reports of her loathing of Catholics, Latinos and blacks is not exaggerated. He told Jones that she goes out of her way to treat people badly, especially the military and law enforcement:

I witnessed those same things at the White House.

Byrne felt sure that Trump would win and will do what he can to repair the frayed fabric of the United States.

Byrne found Benghazi troubling. He wondered aloud how that could happen when the US has tens of billions of dollars worth of equipment, so many armed forces personnel and military operations. He and his colleagues think that if this happened again under a Democrat administration, the government wouldn’t send any rescue operation.

Byrne concluded by saying that Bill is very different to Hillary, especially in his treatment of people. (At that point, I thought, ‘Maybe not the sexual assault victims, though’.)

Roger Stone came on air in the next segment. He was most unhappy that the Democrats were still accusing him of being in league with the Russians and WikiLeaks.

He mentioned Mike Morrell, whom he said ordered the stand down at Benghazi and was paid in cash by Hillary’s campaign to investigate him.

The tone of the media and Democrats during the campaign bothered him:

I’ve never seen anything like this in nine presidential campaigns.

Nor have I. I pity young people who think this was politics as usual. Fortunately, some Democratic party members saw through it and formed Democrats for Trump. Post-election, a number of ex-Bernie supporters have become readers and contributors to The_Donald. Their first-person introductory posts often say that the American Left is unhinged and they’ve had enough. Here are three short testimonies:

Can confirm. Was an Obama democrat, now a Trump conservative. Bring back jobs!

Obama Democrat who voted for Trump reporting in. I recently took the political spectrum test and I am still left of center. However, I don’t identify with the Democrat Party even slightly anymore. The left has gone insane.

My parents voted for Obama in 2008, I think they voted for Obama or Gary Johnson in 2012, but both are now firm Trump Supporters.

It was around that time that CNN‘s Chris Cuomo announced on air that it was illegal for Americans to read WikiLeaks and that they should wait for CNN to comment on the content. (It’s no surprise that never happened.) Stone said:

These are no longer news organisations. They are propaganda arms.

Stone concluded the conversation by talking about David Brock, founder of Media Matters and head of Hillary’s Correct The Record team. He felt sure, based on what he knew from other sources, that WikiLeaks would reveal that Brock was an:

unconvicted felon

involved in:

money laundering.

If the information is there, it never came out, because some person(s) or an intelligence agency stopped WikiLeaks from dumping more Podesta emails. The last drop was the morning of November 8, election day. They were to have continued through to Christmas Day.

I hope that once Trump’s cabinet nominees are confirmed that investigations start in the background. There’s a lot of swamp to drain.

The next few posts will summarise Alex Jones programme segments with Roger Stone in January 2017.

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