I Think They Might Prefer It Goes On Burglary, Love…

A hike in tax would pay for more police officers to protect Sussex from terror attacks and specialist teams to deal with sex crimes.

That is the message from the county’s police and crime commissioner in a bid to raise the precept again by an average of £5 for band D households – but it will not be introduced if the public do not agree.

Really? You mean they won’t just ask again and again until they get the right answer, or just impose it regardless? That’d be a nice change…

She said: “The terrorism threat remains at severe and it is not a matter of will it happen but when it happens that we are prepared. This money will fund the armed response officers who would be first on the scene.”

And then would spend most of the rest of their time that year dealing with the inevitable IPCC investigation when they shoot some scumbag who fully deserved it?

“It is really good victims of sexual offences are now more confident in coming forward – particularly in historic abuse cases – and they have a right to justice. But we need more officers and specialist officers to deal with these crimes, sometimes the incident happened a long time ago and the investigation is complicated and can take years.”

And what a total waste of time it often is…

She said the money would reassure the public and give them more confidence in the police, adding: “This money will be used to focus on four key areas of local policing. I want to keep communities strong and crime low. It is often a small number of people who can have an affect (sic) on the community with things like anti-social behaviour and drug dealing. A police presence on the streets and with officers who know the area will help.

But not while the courts keep letting them go free…

3 comments for “I Think They Might Prefer It Goes On Burglary, Love…

  1. John in cheshire
    January 20, 2017 at 11:49 am

    There’s a spate of burglaries at the moment both near my house; my elderly neighbour across from me has been burgled while she’s been in hospital; and near my mother’s house. All the break-ins happened in daylight hours and no one has been caught. The police told my neighbour’s relative that effectively even if they catch the thief he’ll only receive a slap on the wrist and then he’ll be back on the streets burgling again. That’s defeatism in my opinion and I wouldn’t pay another penny to an organisation that can’t even do its primary function. I’d rather pay for private security patrols around my estate.

    • Hereward Unbowed.
      January 20, 2017 at 3:40 pm

      It’s all rather sad but specific that we arrived here is due to Frankfurt school ideology, with its explicit instructions to destroy what was once a quite cohesive Christian social weave. But now UK society is to all intents and purposes killed off and all done with a very pernicious malice, at that.

      Good grief, how can I say this? But Crikey, one of the few things to be said for the Muslim Brethren, though they spoil their children rotten and praise them even if they are hardened scum sucking criminals in their tribal enclaves, respect for their betters and elders is ordained, bidden and albeit reluctantly – granted. Whereas here in today’s Britain there is a very malignant but childish glee in robbin’ from a gadgee innit?

      Not all kids of course……………… but for some ‘Lord of the Flies’ and ‘A clockwork orange’ are templates…and not fictional works designed to be modern day Chaucerian efforts, to prick the conscience, perhaps as a counter to salve, indeed protect against Communism and its post modern nihilism.

      • January 29, 2017 at 7:34 am

        Modern youth is mostly lost, I fear…

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