With the left machine dismantled, which machine remains?

Look beyond the present, look towards a time when the Donald, plus leaders in Europe, plus in the colonies, succeed in dismantling the machine which has perpetrated all this fraud, brainwashed youth in schools and universities etc.

Think about the whole of Europe falling to us, to the populists, look at the whole corrupt globalist mix wrecked beyond repair, the CIA reined in and its satanists replaced. NATO made to serve our national interests again, not the globalists’.

So we have this nirvana of ours four years down the track, with borders reinstated, with the walls built. And only one easily deployed machine remaining in the country – the military/police.

The police are one thing. The military is neutral, they go where they’re told to. So who will do the telling?

Consider this before going further.

Unz is a basically populist, conservative libertarian site, it’s one of ours on the whole, as with Breitbart, Mail comments sections, plus our blogs.

So you’d not be expecting a discordant note to come from our direction about the Donald’s rise. Even my twitter handle has ‘Deplorable’ in it.

OoL is not that, it has a more left-libertarian element to it as well as us and that’s a good thing, it’s more ‘free speech’ than my own site. This is why libertarians across the spectrum still visit OoL, why James Strong and Greg Tingey can have their say.

If you read the article at the end of that link above, it ties the Donald to the military arm of the M.I.C. which Ike spoke of in his farewell speech:

This is perhaps a fair list of the various forces at play in relation to us just now:

1. The global left, from UN to EU
2. The satanists, from the CIA, NATO commanders, to Russia’s siliviki
3. The controlling families, the black nobility, royalty, Davos, Masons
4. Big everything – pharma, crony capitalists, weapons etc.
5. The Muslims
6. The military/police
7. Us

The only ones with the infrastructure to actually carry out deeds, i.e. they are already on the ground across every state, in every school, in the judiciary, everywhere, are:

1. The global left, from UN to EU
5. The Muslims
6. The military/police

I’m not referring here to the PTB who give instructions, I’m referring to the machine which can deploy within a day in order to achieve a goal.

Paid for by 3, 4 and 7.

A word about 5. the Muslims. Low in numbers, they make up for that in terror capacity. They only need one cell per city. However, they are tabbed by 2. N2 knows who each is.

In the US, if 2 were still controlling 6, then the potential is deadly. If Donald and 7 were controlling 6, then things would return to how they were before the left took over so completely.

So, is the Donald controlled by 6?

And are 6 controlled by 2?

There is a theory that no one gets to be President or PM without being controlled – that seemed true of JFK but he broke with his controllers.

Is there any reason to believe that the Donald, whom I believe, in himself, to be on the level, if a bit wild – is there any reason to believe he is not controlled by someone? And if he is, then by whom?

Unz answers that.

What are the implications? If 6 does control the land as the largest machine, once the Democrats/UN are dismantled and children are un-brainwashed in school, leaving a rump of about 15 years [Millennials] who are so far gone they’re useless – then the issue is still who pays 6. the military/police?

We obviously pay but through whom? Who disburses the funds, who sends the military here and there?

That is going to become the critical question, should the Donald, Marine, Geert and others achieve the victory across the west. Technically, the Donald does that. But he’s 70 years old and by the time this victory is complete, he will have gone, through sheer age and being worn down by the presidency.

Who then? Ivanka? Her hubby? Someone else we know not of yet? And who will control him/her?

All the above are not questions to be swept under the carpet. Admittedly they’re still too early but it’s something to keep in the back of the mind.

2 comments for “With the left machine dismantled, which machine remains?

  1. January 29, 2017 at 7:24 am

    I think we’ll know the answer by the second year of this Presidency.

  2. Gregory Tingey
    January 29, 2017 at 5:35 pm

    HEIL Hitler Trump!

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