Roger Stone on his ‘poisoning’ and Donald Trump’s presidency

Before the inauguration, Trump insider Roger Stone was very ill around the New Year.

On January 17, he updated Alex Jones on his state of health. He said that he became ‘extremely ill’ and ran a fever for 14 days. He also had skin lesions and other ailments that were highly unusual. He told Jones that he had no choice but to go somewhere he had not been since he was born: a hospital.

Stone checked into Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami, thinking he had a weird virus. His personal physician took a series of blood tests and diagnosed that he had been poisoned. He mentioned that it was a ‘Polonium’-like substance.

Jones asked Stone why. He replied that he did not know. However, he thought that, because he is sure of his convictions and of the information he has, Democrats close to Hillary Clinton wanted to make an example out of him.

He said that reporters have told him that the Clintons ‘hate’ and ‘despise’ him. Friends told him that Hillary ‘was shrieking’ as she read Stone’s The Clintons’ War on Women.

Stone reiterated that he is only on the sidelines of the Trump circle. That said, he thinks that his poisoning was used to send a message of intimidation to the new president.

Although he still hadn’t fully recovered, he was able to resume his daily routine. His new book, The Making of the President 2016, is scheduled to go on sale on January 31.

He told Jones emphatically:

I’m happy to be alive. I thank God I’m alive.

As I said before, Stone is a huge fan of Jones’s nutraceutical line. The doctors at Mount Sinai told Stone the supplements probably helped to save his life. (Disclaimer: my mention of Jones’s products should not be construed as advertising. I have never taken them and do not intend to. They are included only for information, as part of the interview.)

Stone thought that DNA Force might have helped, because it is so potent. Jones warned that the product does not react well to alcohol and that anyone who drinks should not take it.

Stone said that ‘one particularly bright doctor’ said the steak Stone ate a day or two before also helped. The fat helped leech the poison out of his system. He talked about the power of the human liver and said that Chinese medicine practitioners told him years ago that whatever hostilities and anger a patient has will exit via the liver.

Talk turned to the fake Russian dossier. Stone said that intelligence agencies are concerned that if he is offered the opportunity to testify about it, he will say it is ‘a lie’. Of Steele, in hiding by then, he said:

007 should learn how to spell.

He said he found it ‘laughable’ that ‘the Langley boys’ would even pay it credence. However, he added that there were enough crooked people there to want to continue promoting it as being true. Although word was circulating that Jeb! was behind Steele’s involvement, Stone thought it was more likely to be

a Mitt Romney lackey,

someone who was behind the Billy Bush tape leak in October 2016.

Jones asked Stone if he had told Trump about his poisoning. He said he did not want to burden his longtime friend:

at such an important time. I’m sure someone will tell him.

He said that if the media decide to latch onto the story they will deem it ‘a joke’.

Stone said he still was not sure how, when or where he was poisoned, but he lost a lot of weight and said that it will take some time before his shirt collars fit properly again. He wears a suit and tie most of the time.

In any event, now that he was feeling better, he wanted to devote time to ‘bust the lies’ about the dossier. (Strangely enough, Democrats and the media have all gone quiet now that Trump is president. It was another last-ditch effort to de-legitimise him.)

The conversation concluded with a discussion about Stone’s new book and the media. Stone said the book documents:

the greatest political upset in American history.

Stone was still smarting from the time Ted Cruz verbally attacked him and the media did not give him a chance to respond. (They had banned him from their shows, because of efforts by the Democrats, especially David Brock.) Yet, presenting both sides of an issue is:

what real reporters do.

CNN was in overdrive presenting all manner of fake news, which conservatives have continued to expose on their websites:

CNN is busted.

Stone thought that Time Warner should get rid of CNN:

Nobody’s watching.

He cited reporter Don Lemon’s over the top report of Martin Luther King Day:

Near hysterical.

As for Congressman Don Lewis who said before the inauguration that he refused to recognise Trump as a legitimate president, Stone said that while he acknowledged Lewis:

shed blood for the civil rights movement [in Selma, Alabama],

it was, in fact, Richard Nixon (and the Republican Party) who championed the movement, not Democrats.

Stone went on to host the next segment of the Alex Jones Show. He picked up where he left off, with Lewis.

He said that Lewis might have been a hero in the early 1960s, but with regard to his support of the fake dossier:

he must produce proof [or] shut up.

Stone also lamented Lewis’s refusal to attend the inauguration:

He should apologise. He picked this fight … This is partisan hackery.

He talked about the Deploraball, held on Thursday, January 19:

This is the grassroots of it, folks!

He warned listeners of the radical groups preparing to violently attack Trump supporters that evening. That is exactly what happened outside the National Press Club.

While Trump and wife Melania were at Union Station attending a dinner to thank campaign donors, all hell was breaking loose outside Deploraball. Incredibly, Washington’s Metropolitan Police stated that officers made only one arrest. A blurry Periscope of the scene shows how chaotic it was. This interview of the protesters is better, as is this YouTube video. Ticket holders able to get inside were able to let their hair down and listen to young personalities from alt-media who supported Trump and became minor celebrities in their own right, such as documentary maker Mike Cernovich, who organised the event, former CBS news reporter Jack Posobiec and social commentator Gavin McInnes. (I listened to some of the speeches, despite the poor sound quality. I cannot say I was impressed by anyone I saw on YouTube other than Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee, but people who were there enjoyed it.)

Unfortunately, Stone never made it to the Deploraball. Too much violence was going on outside. Alex Jones didn’t make it for the same reason. Both were scheduled to speak.

Stone had another go at CNN. He was incensed that the network employs Ana Navarro, a Republican who refused to vote for Trump:

She is an abusive diva because she thinks she is somebody … CNN is committed to fake news.

Stone then spent time talking about Trump’s possible picks for the Supreme Court. He was sorry Judge Napolitano’s name was not on Trump’s list.

Stone is a libertarian and, as such, expressed his disappointment in Jeff Sessions’s stance on marijuana, quoting him:

Good people do not use marijuana.

Tyler Nixon, Richard Nixon’s great-nephew, came on to discuss the issue. Tyler agreed with Stone, saying that Sessions was:

one of the worst possible picks

for cannabis users. He and Tyler talked about this for several minutes. Stone concluded that Sessions just doesn’t understand that sick people take cannabis for medical purposes.

On Tuesday, January 24, Stone was feeling much better although a cough still plagued him. He spoke with Alex Jones to say that his book was scheduled to go on sale on January 31.

He was pleased to see:

Trump sticking to his agenda. This is leadership. Hillary Clinton promised the extension of the proxy war … We let ISIS rise because of the vacuum left by George W Bush.

(Bush didn’t finish the job. I told family and friends that at the time, in 1991. No one wanted to discuss it. Typical.)

Stone said that Glenn Greenwald is right to say that Trump espouses neither left-wing nor right-wing politics. Greenwald is an author and co-editor of The Intercept.

Stone said that Trump must continue to be vigilant about his personal safety.

As for the women’s protest the weekend after the inauguration, Stone said:

In all candour … celebrities like Madonna and Ashley Judd are trying to build up failing careers and brands.

All the protesting and the personal barbs, including Saturday Night Live‘s insults of ten-year-old first son Barron were:

part of not accepting this election.

Stone said:

The president should stay focussed on his agenda. Trump is a builder … He is the ultimate free enterprise guy.

He pointed out that if Trump rescues the inner cities, it won’t really matter what his critics say.

Jones asked how soon it would be before the American public would see tangible results from Trump’s policies. Stone replied that nothing happens quickly, so we should watch how events unfold.

Stone said that two things he liked from the past few days were Trump’s mention of God in his inauguration speech and his appointment of Robert F Kennedy Jr to lead a task force on vaccines.

He talked about his book:

You have to read this book to understand what’s going on right now. This is detailed in the book.

He and Jones talked about how they were ‘mobbed’ by supporters at the inauguration with free drinks and food. Stone said he was not surprised at Jones’s popularity and said that more people were watching him than Sean Hannity of Fox News, a top-rated week-night cable show. He added that Trump’s opponents don’t really understand the power and reach of alt-media.

Stone said he himself was mobbed by young people wanting selfies with him:

It was an exciting time … to be with like-minded patriots.

More coverage of Stone and Trump’s first week in the presidency will follow.

In the meantime, anyone wanting a full record of Trump’s inauguration is welcome to visit my site.

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