The Most Surprising Thing About This Story…

Ms Bex said: “Instead of carrying on past the gap and turning right at the traffic lights, the PCSO saw Mr Wright swing sharply to his right appearing to momentarily slow and do a U-turn in the gap where the two signs say ‘No U-turns’.

“Mr Duggan was dragged under the lorry and along the road and suffered catastrophic head injuries from which he sadly died at the scene.”

Jurors were told Mr Wright said at the scene: “I was gritting the road, I was turning around where I normally do so I can grit the gap in the middle of the road and that’s it.”

…is that a gritting lorry was actually out! Haven’t seen one yet this year.

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  1. Gregory Tingey
    February 3, 2017 at 10:23 am

    Far too many round here, spreading rotting-your-car salt everywhere ….

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