High energy and low enemies

Donald Trump continues to be assailed by his enemies in the Deep State.

So far, he has been such a moving target that it is difficult for them to aim in the same position for more than a few hours.

Roger Stone discussed the new president, his people and the inauguration in a segment he hosted for the Alex Jones Show on January 25, 2017.

He really admires Trump’s counsellor Kellyanne Conway who appears frequently on cable news shows and takes no prisoners. Stone said she has an:

aggressive yet easy manner on television.

He talked about the inauguration and men’s attire. He wore a morning suit to the swearing-in ceremony and black tie to the inaugural ball he attended. He liked that Trump is making a New York fashion statement with his red power ties and said the new president:

changed the etiquette of the inauguration.

Stone said that Trump kept faith on TTP and more within his first few days:

He’s a fighter.

As for his enemies and detractors:

No one will care … [as long as] he is improving the nation.

As for the GOPe:

I am optimistic but cautiously concerned.

He is convinced that Republican NeverTrumpers were part of the Russian spy dossier. He said that CNN is irresponsible in keeping him off their shows:

Stay tuned for our plans on that.

He wants to organise a mass protest of the network once the weather improves.

Stone spoke of Trump’s high energy:

The way he closed, the way he launched a Herculean effort

was not unlike the way, in 1948, that:

Harry Truman barnstormed across the country … The energy was with Truman, not Dewey. Truman even laid on additional [campaign train] stops for votes in the close.

On Tuesday, January 31, Alex Jones interviewed Jerome Corsi. Corsi is a political commentator and investigative author of two New York Times best sellers, Unfit for Command from 2004 (about John Kerry) and The Obama Nation from 2008.

Corsi, 70, has a PhD from Harvard. He is best known in the US for his many articles over the years for WND.

He resigned from WND on Monday, January 30, to join Infowars as the chief of their future Washington news bureau and White House correspondent. He is in the process of applying for his press credentials. He has had them before, for Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign.

Corsi is controversial and not always on the button, but overall, is a thorough researcher who understands the subjects about which he writes.

My complaint with him is that he was sure in 2008 that he was going to be able to get his hands on tapes proving Obama was not an American citizen. Ex-Democrats who supported McCain waited and waited between his announcements that the tapes were imminent. They never materialised. He never said why and became very quiet after Obama won.

His first article for Infowars is ‘Moscow Trains Anti-Trump US Radicals’, based on a documentary by New Zealand political commentator Trevor Loudon. I do not understand its premise of an anti-globalist Putin funding anti-globalists rioting in the United States to protest an anti-globalist Trump.

I would find it easier to accept the premise that Russia could be creating chaos just to oppose the United States. It’s what they do.

Anyway, Corsi told Alex Jones that he thinks Google is working with David (Media Matters) Brock to further control search engine output. He said the idea is to ‘microprofile’ Google users and give the data to the Democrats to use for their own purposes.

He added that Google’s Eric Schmidt had a data file that he offered to Hillary Clinton’s campaign which could have violated privacy laws. It was unclear whether the campaign actually used it. However, Corsi maintains that such a file made what Nixon did look small by comparison. The data could ‘punish’ Hillary’s opponents and keep people like Alex Jones away from public view. (Some of that went on, true, but it might get worse as the Democrats dream up new ways to oppose Trump.)

Corsi said he looked forward to setting up the DC bureau for Infowars so that he could promote:

the truth. The front row of the press conference is still [populated by] the comfortable MSM.

Corsi was appalled by the ‘thugs’, ‘the crazies’ and the police inaction he saw at the inauguration. He said that a woman standing near his wife was physically attacked:

They should have all been arrested.

Corsi praised Roger Stone’s book which went on sale that day. The Making of the President 2016:

is Roger’s best book. He really pours out his soul in this one.

He then resumed a discussion on the rioters:

Russia always causes chaos and confusion. Putin is still KGB.

He said that funding went in and out of Hillary’s campaign to hire people to protest:

Some of them are mentally ill. These are not the organised protests of the Martin Luther King variety.

He said that Hillary and John Podesta were ‘paid’ to transfer technology to Russia.

He said that Trump is aware of Putin’s playing both sides of the game with the intention of destabilising other countries:

The point is, we can deal with and co-operate with Russia — and Turkey — when the interests match.

As for the dossier:

There will be a whole new day … where the Department of Justice will be empowered to investigate.

On a personal level, Corsi said he has known Trump for 40 years. Corsi was working in banking in New York at the time. Of Trump, he said:

He is the real deal. He will rip into the Left like nobody’s ever seen. He is happy to expose the Left as lying and insane … Step by step, Trump will take on the Left.

Therefore, he concluded, all Constitution-loving Americans should sit back and enjoy the show.

He also thinks Trump will deal with the economy successfully. He said that, for the past several years, the US has had fake net growth, which never would have happened without the Fed being a willing accomplice. Only the top tier have become:

exceedingly wealthy … Most people are living pay cheque to pay cheque.

He said he was relieved that Hillary lost because any alt-media sites would have been shut down by now, by law. Hillary would have had wall-to-wall fake news by now based on an:

Obama Ministry of Truth.

Corsi was delighted that the Internet helped to expose the leftists and globalists. He said he looks forward to hiring young journalists who can expose them further.

It’s intriguing to see energetic 70-year-olds — Trump, Stone and Corsi — take on the establishment and the Deep State.

Someone today said that Trump works in dog years, so eight years of him will be like 56 years of any other president.

Fascinating times lie ahead.

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    • February 5, 2017 at 10:30 pm

      Yes, I did. Agree with your assessment and Gregory Tingey’s comment (the first two paragraphs, anyway).

      Trump has to play the game for a few more days on this EO with the Seattle judge, otherwise it looks bad. However, he probably anticipated opposition beforehand and has a plan for that, too.

      This is where I disagreed with Mr Tingey: ‘It’s going to go that way, anyway, but we can hope for a good fight against it …’ That’s the whole reason Trump is there: to ensure it doesn’t go ‘that way’. Thank goodness the US has a 4D chess player at the helm.

      On another topic, I’m still thinking about Fillon. I left a comment:


      Who leaked the info about him and his wife? I can see people from LR, PS and/or FN doing so. Any one or combination thereof would have been interested. He stood the best chance of winning. I was hopeful. (No, no one is ideal.)

      French papers say this is a first: collapsing a French candidate once declared. Something’s afoot aside from a scoop.

  1. Gregory Tingey
    February 6, 2017 at 8:53 am

    I wonder if you will all still be cheering when the 2020 elections & possibly even the 2018 mid-terms (though that’s a bit hasty) are cancelled because of a suitably-engineered “State of Emergency” ??

    DT is an autocrat & an authoritarian.
    Irrespective of “left” or “right” you should be against him, shouldn’t you?

    Remember the fate of Franz von Papen.

    • February 6, 2017 at 1:21 pm

      Yes but the only way that could be is the paid insurrection going on, the nihilism and the extra-legal acts of the judiciary just now.

      Re pretty boy, butter wouldn’t melt Macron, my French friend says this was to pave the way for the new establishment candidate in a head to head with Marine.

      • Gregory Tingey
        February 8, 2017 at 10:08 am

        What “extra-legal acts of the judiciary”?
        Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t make it illegal.
        We will have to await: “Due Process”

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