The silent massacre

I wrote upon my own blogsite of my sadness; of the final farewell to a beloved aunt, whose failing faculties and illness have lead her to the point where she does not even recognise my voice, never mind my name; or my children’s names, or even the fact that I now have four grandsons. I did not post on OoL for the simple truth that, whereas upon OoL; I write on things mainly political: upon my own site, I speak of things much more personal to me. One of the things which gave me concern regarding my aunt, of her safety, and of her ongoing life in South Africa was the deep divide between black and white South Africa, and the change in perceptions given to a wider world after the magical Independence Day; and of the ‘One Man, One Vote’1 election. We no longer read or watch as scenes of violence and protest flicker across our screens and consciences; to the vast majority of the British people, South Africa has receded into the disease-ridden and disastrous muddle which is Africa; another black-ruled nation which should be revelling in prosperity, but is rapidly achieving the ‘failed state’ status of so many of this sad continent’s nations.


The violence is still there, in actual fact it has increased exponentially; to the extent that the Police no longer produce murder statistics because no-one believes anything produced by this vile and barbaric so-called government. When I tell you that over 3,000 white farmers, and a rising number of black workers, have been murdered or targeted since 2010, I do not exaggerate. But the wider world, having ’seen’ the death of Apartheid as demonstrated by the elections and the near sainthood of the murderous Mandela; have moved on, and the headlines are not bylined from Johannesburg or Cape Town any more. Many will remember the Sharpeville killings, the headlines resounded round the world; but how many remember the Marikana Massacre, where 34 black miners died under the bullets of Black policemen.
I have still many friends in South Africa, but none now in Zimbabwe. My last contact with Zimbabwe died during an attack on his farm. Whither now South Africa in the days of Malema and the corrupt ANC?


1….Full statement should of course read ‘One Man, One Vote; Once!’

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  1. February 26, 2017 at 12:42 pm

    Thoughts with you, Mike.

  2. The Jannie
    February 26, 2017 at 3:55 pm

    The information we receive from SA is mostly that filtered by the MSM. Need I say more?

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