Trump’s leaky White House

News moves quickly with President Donald Trump.

One story persists, however: the leaks in his administration. Are they coming from Obama holdovers or Trump’s top picks?

Roger Stone discussed the situation with Alex Jones on Wednesday, February 15, 2017. Jones kicked off conversation by bluntly pointing out that Democrats either want Hillary in the White House or for Trump to be ‘killed’. He also said that Jerome Corsi, head of Infowars’ Washington bureau, predicts that Reince Priebus will be ‘the next to go’.

Stone congratulated Corsi for being ‘right on the money’. He expressed amazement that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s appointments for ambassadorships all had to go through Priebus. Stone pointed out that Tillerson should be discussing them directly with Trump. Priebus inserts himself in the middle. Stone said that Priebus wants to make sure all the appointees are GOPe.

Michael Flynn had resigned on Valentine’s Day. His resignation can be read in a number of ways. I provided an analysis at the time. Some pundits think that Trump accepted Flynn’s resignation so that he can quietly gather intel on various people and situations in DC. Maybe. Time will tell.

Stone said:

Michael Flynn is Trump’s Pearl Harbor.

He added that next on the list are Stephen Miller, a brilliant advisor who has been around for nearly a year, and Steve Bannon.

With regard to Bannon, last week, Milo Yiannopoulos was pretty much forced to resign from Breitbart for his views on underage sex, which have nothing to do with paedophilia. Milo was molested as an adolescent by ‘Father Michael’, a Catholic priest. Milo’s views make more sense to a homosexual than they do to a heterosexual. My analysis purports that getting to Milo was a way of Trump’s enemies getting that much closer to deposing Bannon. Bannon hired Milo, therefore, he must go, too. And if Bannon goes, they figure, all bets are off. Trump relies heavily on Bannon.

On the subject of leaks, Stone said that Trump:

needs to clean house in his department.

Stone explained that there are still Obama people, by necessity, as well as GOPe apparatchiks.

He is deeply suspicious of Reince Priebus and regretted that Trump did not choose Ed Martin as Chief of Staff instead. Stone said that Martin has more to offer; he is a former chairman of the St Louis election board, close to the Vatican and speaks several languages. To Stone, that means Martin knows how voter fraud could be engineered and that his linguistic ability could help build bridges with other nations. It is possible Stone mentioned the Vatican because he himself is a Catholic.

Stone said that the current situation is potentially hazardous for Trump:

The White House is leaking like a sieve. I understand the value of a strategic leak but … when you are leaking to make sure the president looks bad, it’s damaging.

He emphasised that Flynn had broken no laws, which is true, and it was Priebus and others who were baying for blood. Watching them:

is like watching a hostage video.

He went on to say that Trump’s choice of Priebus was:

an enormous mistake … The president needs people who are … dedicated anti-globalists.

Stone said that Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon are the only ones guarding Trump.

He also criticised Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer. He explained that Spicer undercut Trump during the campaign by threatening to cut his GOP funding unless his poll numbers went up.

Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s counsellor, was the next name up for discussion. The media and the Democrats made a big deal about her throwaway remark about Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. They wanted her to be prosecuted for it. In reality, Conway was not intentionally promoting Ivanka’s merchandise in the face of shops dropping it, but merely said that Americans should buy Ivanka’s clothes if they wanted to.

In the end, Trump said that Conway had been ‘counselled’ about the matter. However, the following is typical of the type of questioning she went through. The following is a clip of dialogue between Fox News’s Sean Hannity, pro-Trump, and Conway on February 14:

Stone was empathetic, noting that the GOPe was also eager to see Conway fade away:

At least she was for Trump before the convention.

Kellyanne Conway makes a friendly comment about Ivanka Trump makeup … You would think this is Armageddon. Meanwhile, the Clintons can rape, loot and pillage and that’s perfectly all right.

Indeed. However, the incident took its toll. Conway, omnipresent on Sunday news shows, found herself replaced by Stephen Miller on February 19. Cosmopolitan reported that Ivanka was cross with Conway and told her so.

Stone is still caught up in accusations about having connections in Russia. He said that the CIA supposedly uncovered communications between him, Trump’s ex-campaign manager Paul Manafort and former Trump foreign policy adviser Carter Page with the Russians. The story, he said, made the front page of the New York Times on February 14.

Once again, the paper offered no specifics. Stone was exasperated:

Put up or shut up.

He added that Manafort was ‘boggled’ by the repeated, unsubstantiated accusations.

Stone laid the blame at the former CIA director’s door:

John Brennan is the source of these stories … because he thought he should be reappointed by Donald Trump. He actually says the president ‘better watch his mouth’.

On January 19, the Los Angeles Times reported that Brennan refused to comment on the Russia matter at the time. However, four days before that, he warned Trump about using measured language. The story about ‘better watch his mouth’ has circulated widely. Yet, I have not heard or read that Brennan actually used those words.

The following video, as an example, uses ‘better watch his mouth’ in its title, yet Brennan said no such thing. The interview is actually rather interesting, as he says he has no information on Trump insiders’ ties to Russia and he talks about what the president will be up against. Chris Wallace does a good job here, too, acting more like his late father Mike, a respected mainstay of 60 Minutes:

Returning to Stone’s discussion with Jones, he said that Priebus, whom he said has Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner’s support:

will be fairly entrenched here for a little bit … but Priebus wants to limit access to the president.

Stone had this to say about the leaks:

The president should launch his own investigation and appoint his own officials. I assume this is through the Department of Justice … all this leaking is illegal.

The conversation continued later in the show. Stone stated:

Leaking is a felony, particularly in the case of General Flynn.

He reiterated that Flynn did nothing wrong:

We know from the transcripts that General Flynn violated no laws.

The game plan here is very simple: purge the Trump loyalists … There is zero chance that this will happen. We have President Trump’s back.

He was exasperated by Jared Kushner’s courtship of high tech firms:

It’s really extraordinary, Alex … The president’s son-in-law meeting with the people of Silicon Valley as if they are our friends.

However, Stone’s main concern was Priebus, whose presence and interference could damage the Trump administration.

To cite a further example, Stone mentioned Andy Puzder, the nominee for Secretary of Labor. The media reported that Puzder withdrew because he feared he would not get the necessary Senate votes. However, Stone posited that the real reason was that Puzder feared Trump might get rid of Priebus:

Who nominated him? Reince Priebus.


This is a much bigger story than the mismanagement of the White House …

Regarding Priebus and Bannon:

It is my understanding that Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon [give joint press conferences] as if they are getting along so well.

However, Stone warned that Bannon could find himself tainted through his association with Priebus.

Later on, he added:

I also don’t think Sean Spicer is doing the president any good.

This will come as a surprise to those of us who watch Spicer’s press briefings. He handles the reporters’ questions with aplomb and is very careful not to say too much in his responses. If Stone is correct, this could be a most interesting story, because, publicly, Spicer appears as being highly loyal to the president.

Stone touched on the Deep State, though not by name, in discussing Trump’s enemies:

Here’s what’s really bothering them — we are on the verge of peace [with Russia].

Hillary Clinton had promised the boys at Langley and in the Pentagon that they would have a bigger war.

Stone said that Trump does not want this at all. He reminded Jones that Hillary’s biggest donors were defence contractors.

Therefore, Flynn’s departure was:

typical inside-the-Beltway lynching … over something which could have been contained.

He concluded that Reince Priebus is jealous over the closeness Trump has with some of his advisors, including Flynn:

I still think that Flynn has a valuable role to play.

No doubt.

However, for now, Trump:

needs to go on the offence but also to clean house. Trump knows many fine supporters who are capable of both these tasks.

The next article will cover Stone’s segment concerning David ‘Media Matters’ Brock.

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