Yesterday’s men, a musical treatment of an old war

This was written about Conservatives and fuddy-duddies in general:

Little did Madness know just how relevant it was to become today:

yesterday's men

Yesterday’s men hang on to today
To sing in the old fashioned way


But things change and now those in the pics above are yesterday’s men and women and those below are yesterday’s men and woman reborn for tomorrow:

nige and donald

marine and geert

And we all sing:

It must get better in the long run
Has to get better in the long run

While this is the song of John, Tony and Gordo:

When your race is run and you already know

And the little globalists running about, the SJWs and snowflakes, call the Allies fascists, when in fact their own whole approach is fascistic, fervently believing that their dystopia is utopia and so they misguidedly sing, while things disintegrate around them:

We are the liberating Allies, we’ve always been the Allies and we’re having none of that 4th Reich guff. We’ve a different song, about an end to those long dark socialist years, about the descent into madness, violence and narrative.

Our vision of freedom, decency, integrity is on the rise:

Tomorrow, “progressives”, belongs to us, the new radicals.