He says: ‘I was horrified, of course, but it was clearly a ridiculous mistake. I thought it would all quickly be cleared up.’

A jury would later find him not guilty in less than 40 minutes.

But by then the damage had been done: the man once labelled ‘one of the outstanding school masters of his generation’ had lost not only his profession and his livelihood, but his good name.

He says: ‘Two hundred years ago if you were a criminal, they’d paint the word “criminal” on your forehead.

‘Now, due to the internet, you just need to be accused of a crime to be for ever branded.’

Except you need a bit more than that. You need a police farce that is happy to pursue a crime for which there’s no evidence whatsoever, yet pleads ‘cutbacks’ whenever real crime presents itself. Abetted by a former DPP who is happy to see ten innocent men suffer than one guilty man escape.

Without this, it wouldn’t matter what’s on the Internet. Because it’d never get that far for people like Mr Warr…