The grandiosely titled and the jobsworth

Sutton council uses photo of Southwark to flog itself to developers at Cannes property jamboree #MIPIM2017. Seems rather strange, does it not?


The other thing is the billing of the two women. The one who runs the day to day workings, the CEO, might be good, he might be poor:

… but he should be in top left position, as CEO.

However, the two birds with the Grandiose Titles – Head of This, Director of Strategic That – have prime billing. Seems a bit iffy in many ways, Sutton Council:

This, alas, is the situation right across the workforce. In the railways near here, those who’ve actually worked on the railways for 30 years in a hands-on way have less grandiose titles but are the cogs who make it work.

In swan these birds and the whole aim is the Grandiose Title for the CV. They’re only ever at head office with the coffee machines, pontificating on things they know nothing about. There was one in this particular rail firm who had to be told not to interfere any more after she had a tantrum after she’d made yet another customer-focussed error.

Was she fired? Was she hell – she was moved sideways but still retained her title, then, over a year, she wormed herself back in where she’d been before.

And what of those who actually knew their stuff? Their expertise was ‘accessed’ with no attribution, it went something like this when I used to interview the type:

‘So, what achievements would you say you’ve made?’

‘I was appointed Regional Strategic Planning Officer.’ [or whatever]

‘No, what have you achieved, personally?’

‘We worked as a team and we increased our …’

‘No no, you misunderstand me – what increases or achievements of some form can be attributed to you personally?’

‘Well, we’re a team and in the first quarter, the company …’

The ‘team’ of course was her as ‘coordinator’ and a couple of line managers who actually achieved the results. They were ‘her boys’. She got the bonuses due to her massive achievements, ‘5’s all the way.

Do you detect a slightly jaundiced view on these pieces of uselessness?


4 comments for “The grandiosely titled and the jobsworth

  1. Errol
    March 9, 2017 at 6:42 pm

    If councils were forced to account for every penny and publish that information on a website we would see corruption, waste and council tax fall dramatically. Frankly, if executives and other such wasters were open to removal by the public they would swiftly be unemployed.

    • March 9, 2017 at 7:39 pm

      We need a recall mechanism.

      • Errol
        March 9, 2017 at 9:16 pm

        Yep, that, crucially would bring them to line. These wasters must be controlled and reminded that we are their masters. Any spending over £500 must be approved to the public and any increase in council tax accompanied by a commensurate 5% reduction per 1% increase. That’ll sharpen their minds.

  2. March 11, 2017 at 8:58 am

    As I commented some time back :-

    The ‘Tweeted’ comment emanated from Cambridge-educated Rihana Mohamed, who very unwisely stated on her computer that “:‘Oh this is so self-righteous. ‘That b****y maid needs a good slap. Some ppl [sic] here have no idea what it’s like having servants.

    ‘I’m sorry but being on call 24/7 and not having a day off for months and not being allowed to leave the house DOESN’T make you a slave.’

    The same Miss Mohamed who is from Sri Lanka, works as a strategic change management consultant at Brent Council in north London, an ethnically diverse area, was also quoted as stating, ”

    ‘Damn right they should get up and make what you want. That’s their job.

    ‘We never let out female servants for their own safety.’

    My question is, quite simply, “What exactly does a ‘ strategic change management consultant’ do or produce; how strategic is the ‘change’, and most importantly, what strategy is being utilised?”

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