Commonwealth Day

While it’s a bit hard to buy an affair with a 24 year old Aussie girl, it just seemed a boy’s weekend away to me, Wills’s and Kate’s real crime was not being at Commonwealth Day and this was summed up with this highest green-arrowed comment:

He just does not get it, I have great respect for Her Majesty, The Duke, Princess Anne, Sophie Wessex even Harry but on a really important day for the Royal Family and especially a future King he is swanning off having a party, dinner etc. leaving Kate at home.

It’s high time this fellow knuckled down and put in some serious effort and show us what he is made of because right now he shows us he is a free loader and nothing more, take a lesson from Her Majesty, The Duke and your aunt Anne they will show how its done, so if you want this gigantic extension to Kensington Palace you can bloody well earn it and not expect the tax payer to fund it without some effort on his part.

There were quite a few comments of ‘leave the lad alone’ or ‘can’t he just have a holiday’ and the answer is yes to both – in his free time where no major duties call.

But this was a major duty. In the world of protocol, imagine Tessa May went to the U.S. to be met by Paul Ryan and lower? Imagine she went to Oz to be met by Gillard and a few buddies? Imagine she went over to an EU meeting and was cold shouldered – hang on a minute …

That Kate did not bother either – most likely dreaming up plans for extending Kensington Palace at our expense – they were not an advertisement yesterday for the coming King and consort.  Chas was there, Harry was there.

It was bad form to be caught swanning off for a boys’ weekend away and getting Harry to ‘do it for him’.  As he’s already a known Remainer, this man and his wife – bleaty, lazy Kate [just look at the number of functions they attend, almost all galas they pick and choose], the goodwill which followed the wedding has steadily eroded.

I’m well aware that the family are Welfs, committed to anything but this country but to blatantly thumb the nose at your own Commonwealth like this in front of the people, many who are still loyal?

Republicans must be grinning from ear to ear.