Women outside their comfort zone

The problem is not there are no examples, the problem is in choosing which ones to fit into a limited format site – there are constant examples pouring in the whole time.

Exhibit 1: Women in tech

Look, if they can’t cut it, they can’t cut it, end of. Enough of this bleating, enough of this propping up of those who just aren’t suited. Most of those on the big money are in admin roles anyway.

Then there is this comment:

Teachers are mostly women, Opticians about 65%, Dentists 50%+, Doctors over 50% women in University at the moment.

What do all these careers have in common? Excellent opportunities for flexible working and/or holidays during school holidays. Women are making very sensible choices regarding careers.

Perhaps IT with long hours and firm deadlines isn’t so good if you plan on raising your own children rather than having the state do all your childcare?

Sadly the women doing the bleating are in high paying jobs and can afford to employ someone to look after their kids (typically another woman on minimum wage).

Exhibit 2: Hubris and lies in tech


It was an astonishing event when two MIT nuclear engineering graduate students at the end of 2015 announced they had come up with a revolutionary design for a molten salt nuclear reactor that could solve many of the technological problems of conventional light-water reactors. Cofounders of the firm Transatomic – Leslie Dewan and Mark Massie – hyped their technology as able to run on conventional spent fuel, and “generate up to 75 times more electricity per ton of mined uranium than a light-water reactor.”

OK, truth is that I glanced at this and thought – another California type start-up full of spin, I looked at the names – didn’t know either of the guys so it meant little, the story seemed another vaguely leftist fantasy, perhaps it was SJW, perhaps green and that’s when I saw the photo:

leslie dewan

OMG, there it is – everything you need to know in one. Elizabeth Holmes, move over.  End of story.

Exhibit 3: Nazi tactics in Scotland

If they don’t want women members, then that’s their right:

It followed consternation from many quarters at the result of the 2016 vote that failed to back female members.

At the time, Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon called for the decision “simply indefensible”.

Exhibit 4: De Souza taxpayer jolly


Last night’s BBC documentary Meet the Lords saw Baroness D’Souza attend the unveiling of a portrait of herself costing a cool £12,000. Asked whether this was taxpayers’ money well spent, D’Souza said the media were correct to hold her to account but suggested they had not reported her spending accurately. For the sake of “accuracy“, here is the full litany of how D’Souza has spent your money:

£12,000 on a portrait of herself which the Baroness described as “a really good painting”

£4,000 on flowers

£1,100 on a trip to the ballet

£26,000 on a ten day trip to the Far East

£738 to keep her car waiting outside Windsor Castle

£270 to keep her car waiting during lunch with the Japanese Ambassador

£230 to keep her car waiting during a trip to the opera

Brazen hussy, not unlike Gina Miller. I don’t like these women.

Exhibit 5: Louise Mensch

Louise Mensch’s Superpowers

Call my view jaundiced, misogynist? I simply point out women way out of their comfort zone and by definition incompetent, plus all the other shrieking, moaning habits. So when this one came up about Hogg, I thought more of the the same old:

Exhibit 6: Charlotte Hogg

Bank of England deputy governor Charlotte Hogg QUITS after MPs brand her ‘incompetent’ for failing to declare potential conflict of interest

However, Ken Craggs then came in with the following and methought hmmmmm, there’s more to this one than just one incompetent woman:

It is interesting that Charlotte Hogg has been coerced into resigning even though the Bank of England and Barclays are both owned by the Rothschild’s.

Why would Charlotte Hogg’s brother working at Barclays be a problem to the Rothschild’s?

And why did the Treasury select Committee announce it as being a problem? Surely the Rothschild’s could have stopped this from getting media coverage?

Following her resignation, Hogg will continue in her role at the Bank of England until a successor is found. In a press release today (14 March), Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England stated that, “The Bank of England today is stronger, more diverse, secure and effective in large part because of Charlotte Hogg. We will do everything we can to honour her work for the people of the United Kingdom by building on her contributions.”

Another person with what seems to be a conflict of interests is Sam Woods who is a member of the Board of Directors at the Bank of England (BoE); a Board member at the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA); and CEO of the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA).

The BoE, PRA and FCA are known as the regulators. And complaints against any of the three regulators are dealt with by the FCA.

As for the Rothschild’s and Barclays, an article in the Guardian newspaper (7 Nov 2013) mentions that Katherine de Rothschild (Kate) is the wife of Marcus Agius, the ex-Chairman of Barclays who resigned over the Libor scandal. Anthony Salz, Vice Chairman of Rothschild, was chosen to undertake a review of Barclays during of the Libor scandal to ensure that reviewed documentation and business practices were as they should be. You can read more about Anthony Salz here.

Reuben Jeffery III is a Non-Executive Director at Barclays and is currently CEO and President of Rockefeller & Co Inc. and Rockefeller Financial Services Inc. Reuben is also a member of the International Advisory Committee at J Rothschild Capital Management, which operates as a subsidiary of RIT Capital Partners plc, registered office 27 St James’s Place, London, SW1A.

The Bank of England Archive and the Barclays Group Archives can be accessed online from links at the Rothschild Archive.

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  1. Errol
    March 14, 2017 at 8:56 pm

    Notable that more and more our IT people are being told to work more hours and to do – often unrewarded – over time. This is causing significant discontent, so I don’t think it is just women who dislike the hours, it’s anyone who wants a life.

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