Why I seldom read Guido nor listen to LBC

It’s actually nothing to do with Guido himself who does a fine job bringing each day’s Westminster action for the Londonistan bubble, as does LBC – Nigel and Katie are the only two worth listening to but they do do the Metro bubble well.

No, the thing is, and this disqualifies me in the eyes of all the Britpolitics lovers, these pollies and Metros are not of the least interest – they’re not nice people, they’re greedy, as the expenses scandal revealed, they’re just grubby people and life’s too short.

This is the latest:


The pretence of “having hit the Tories hard” with a “record fine” is so insulting to anyone with even an ounce of intelligence that it reveals their mindset like no other, including collusion with the Erection Commission, a corrupt body if ever there was one.

I notice people calling for a re-run but what should really happen, morally, is that whoever came second should be the Thanet South MP, should he still so want, which might put the knighthood on hold some years.

The runners of these circuses are beneath contempt and I’m not sure which are of lower quality – pollies or TV and radio presenters. Honorable exception is Brillo.

This has implications for the blogger and, unless he loves wallowing daily in the Westminster trough with the pollies and Metros, he’s not “relevant” as a blogger, is he, he doesn’t provide the daily fix of outrage at the latest public inanity from some nincompoop such as Louise Mensch, who doesn’t even live in the bubble any more.

2 comments for “Why I seldom read Guido nor listen to LBC

  1. Hereward Unbowed.
    March 19, 2017 at 3:31 pm

    It puts in mind for me a programme featuring the ancient sewerage system of Rome, mainly put in by engineers a couple of thousand years ago and the presenter of the said prog piped up, “ugh it’s a bit smelly!”
    to which the modern Roman guide said something to the effect of, “there’s two thousand years of shit down there………….” Now, Westminster may not be that old but……………..the smell – it reeks.

    LBC is far, far too tedious, it drives me nuts.

    Guido has a place, he is, has to be politically correct as he is allowed but something needs to shine a light on the ordure heap that some call Westminster, yeah much of it is gossip but still, among the vast piles of chaff there is some grain to be gleaned.

    If not Paul Staines, then who?

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